Samsung Electronics Ignores Israel, Creates "Palestine"

A MidEastTruth Action

January 21, 2003

* Update (January 23, 2003): VICTORY!

Dear friends,

We are happy to inform you that Samsung Electronics updated their website
and removed "Palestine" from both the sales and the services pages.

In one day, we here at MidEastTruth received over 300 emails from
supporters around the world who forwarded us the letters of protest they sent to Samsung Electronics! We would like to thank all of you for the overwhelming support.

A special thanks goes to the indefatiguable Michael Freund, journalist for The Jerusalem Post, (whom we are also very proud to have as a MidEastTruth contributing writer), who wrote about our campaign in the Post and made so many more people aware of it.

Again, thank you all. You should all be proud of a campaign which was so successful in such a short time.

Best wishes,

The MidEastTruth team.

* Update (January 22, 2003):
Michael Freund wrote about our campaign in
The Jerusalem Post!

Dear friends,

Here’s an email we received recently:

“From: "Avi 012"
Subject: FW: Your guidance regarding Samsung Anti-Israel website

I wanted to bring the following to your attention and perhaps receive your guidance on something - perhaps you would know the person /organization to turn to to deal with this matter.

A friend of mine recently needed to repair a Samsung MP3 player - and so went to the international website. In the service locations sections -

there is a World map - with the different Samsung service locations. He looked up the region - found the Middle East - but no Israel. What he did find, however, was "Palestine".

Is some voice of protest required here? If so, who is the best representative body to do this?

The website link is: <>

Warm Regards”

We often receive similar emails and it is important to make sure that they are true. A visit to the Samsung Electronics website confirmed the above.

Let Samsung Electronics know what you think!

Write to them at:
(you can find their PR dept. at the bottom.)

An Update (January 22, 2003):

Dear friends,

Since we sent you the action email regarding Samsung Electronics, we've
received dozens of emails , many of them referring us to a webpage which
includes Israel at Samsung Electronics' website:

After answering many of them individually, we're now sending the following
clarification to the whole list, as well as to other organizations and the
media. If you believe this is an important case, please do the same and send
it to your local media outlets.

As we mentioned in our previous email, we often receive emails regarding
anti-Israel bias on the part of commercial companies and it is important to
make sure that they are true. We don't send warnings or action requests
without first validating them ourselves on the site.

We did this with the Samsung website, as well. We saw the page that has
Israel in it.

However, both Samsung Electronics webpages for service and for sales
locations include "Palestine" (and not the Palestinian Authority), but
exclude Israel (although they do have an office in Israel):



Take a look and let Samsung know how you feel.

Thank you for your support!


© 2003 by MidEastTruth

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