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Where is the REAL Apartheid in the Middle East?

Boycott Israel

So you heard that Israel is an Apartheid State? 
Let's take a look at human rights in the Middle East. 

Can you boycott Israel?

Boycott Israel

Don't use SodaStream! It's made in Israel! You can make your own CO2! A single bottle of yeast, sugar, and water is all you need! But why stop with soda?

Israel - The Jewish State

Boycott Israel

Should the State of Israel become a "state of all its citizens"?

Why is there no peace in the Middle East?

Boycott Israel

In order to achieve peace, each side must see the other as equal and no de-humanize them. This is the first
condition for real dialogue.

Let's see how Arabs are portrayed in Israeli media and how Jews are portrayed in Palestinian media.

Gaza: Hamas is firing from densely populated areas. Yet more evidence

Hamas is committing a double war crime, they are firing rockets at Israeli civilians while using Palestinian civilians as human shields.

Hamas presents: Hating Jews - The Movie

In 2005 Israel left Gaza to the very last Israeli, citizen and soldier.
This was the time for the Palestinians to build a prosperous, stable Gaza.

Obama and Jerusalem: Who's calling the shots in the U.S.?

Variations on a theme: Clinton and Obama on Jerusalem's status, versus their spokespersons' statements on the issue.

Israeli rower won gold -- and sang "Hatikvah" on her own

Update: some of the comments to this video mentioned a version of Hatikvah, by Enrico Macias. The first approximately 30 seconds in that version are not part of Israel's official anthem, Hatikvah.

The official anthem, used by all official Israeli institutions (the President, Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs etc.) and in every official ceremony, should have been in the hands of the Italian organizers. Unfortunately, unlike the Olympic games organizers, the Italian organizers didn't have it. They acknowledged the fact and apologized. Instead of acquiring the official Hatikvah, it is quite possible that they simply downloaded the Enrico Macias version of Hatikvah, since it's the first result when googling "Israel anthem" (without the quotes).

Just a month and a half ago, a much worse incident happened in Kuwait: when an athlete from Kazakhstan won a gold medal, the Kuwaiti organizers played the spoof Kazakhstan anthem from the movie Borat... They had found it online, of course: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newsvideo/weirdnewsvideo/9163577/Borat-spoof-...

The correct Israeli anthem was played in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and in countless international sport events, when Israeli athletes won gold or when an Israeli team played in an official match.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qraOxdBbstQ (the anthem starts at min 2:30)

Here's the official Hatikva, from the Israeli Foreign Affairs ministry's website (you can click to hear it at the bottom of the page):

You can also hear it on the CIA's World Factbook.

Best wishes,
The MidEastTruth.com Team

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Organizers of a rowing competition for the disabled in Italy apparently didn't take into consideration the possibility that the Israeli contender, Moran Samuel, would win the competition, and they forgot to bring the CD with the national anthem, "Hatikvah," to the awards ceremony. What did Moran do? She took the microphone from the master of ceremonies and began singing the national anthem on her own. Quite moving!

Egypt's Revolution: Whose predictions were correct?

Middle East Experts on Egypt's Revolution - February 2011
Whose predictions were correct? (Hint: Not Thomas Friedman's)

MidEastTruth.com Clown of the Year Award for 2011: Thomas L. Friedman

It was a very bad year for New York Times journalist Tomas Friedman.
The award is going to Friedman not only because of his repeated, outrageous anti-Israel op-eds, or because of his obvious personal hostility towards Israel PM, Benjamin Netanyahu . . .
The reason we chose Thomas Friedman to be the MidEastTruth.com Clown of the Year for 2011 is his pathetically naive optimism regarding the Egypt revolution. When every Mideast expert warned about the possibility of the Muslim Brotherhood taking power, Friedman was euphoric and said he truly believed that the secular, Facebook-using young generation is the "real Egypt".

"Last February, after visiting Tahrir Square, the rallying point of the Egyptian revolution, Friedman exulted that the "people" had achieved "freedom" and were heading toward democracy. He dismissed concerns that the Muslim Brotherhood would become a dominant party." - Isi Leibler, The Jerusalem Post, December 19, 2011

Palestinian Mistakes

It was a mistake to reject the Jewish State in 1947.
It is a mistake to reject the Jewish State now!

Welcome Home, Gilad Shalit

The events of October 18, 2011 - Gilad Shalit returns home!

A Word from the Gaza Flotilla Organizers

Don't shoot Israeli civilians? No flotilla for you!

Yes, we know. There's no humanitarian crisis in Gaza . . .

"(in Gaza) There is near universal literacy and relatively low infant mortality, and health conditions remain better than across much of the developing world." - The New York Times, June 26, 2011

"There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza" - The International Red Cross, April 2011 (Since then things improved dramatically and Egypt opened the Rafah border)

UK Colonel Richard Kemp praises Israel's
efforts to reduce civilian casualties in Gaza

When many criticize Israel unfairly, either due to ignorance or anti-Semitism, it is enlightening to hear an independent authority defend Tsahal's actions in Gaza.

Colonel Richard Kemp, former military advisor to the British government, and commander of forces in Afghanistan in 2003, addresses the issues of civilian casualties and proportional use of force in this BBC interview.

Gaza: Hamas' brutal tactics

Gaza: Hamas' brutal tactics

In this video, we see evidence of three Hamas tactics:

1. Hamas deliberately uses populated areas to hide their military activity -- both shooting from, and hiding weapons within, civilian sites, such as schools and mosques.

2. Hamas uses civilians, including children, as human shields -- and even boasts about it.

3. Hamas knows that Israel does not indiscriminately hit civilians, admitting this openly and taking advantage of it.

Qassam rockets on Sderot, Israel. Imagine...

Imagine it was your country...

Why I am a Zionist - by Gil Troy

Why I am a Zionist - by Gil Troy

Ahmadinejad's lies - Part 2

Visit our YouTube! Channel

Ahmadinejad's lies - Part 1

Visit our YouTube! Channel


A video interview with Khalid Meshaal, the overall leader of Hamas. This interview was recorded before the death of his colleague, Abdelaziz Rantissi.
A must see! Click to watch

Transcript | Video - (
Real Player)
A video interview with Daniel Taub, Director of General Law at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on BBC World’s HARDtalk.

Don’t miss this interview. Mr. Taub discusses Israel’s planned unilateral withdrawal from Gaza and the anti-terrorist fence. Taub stands up brilliantly to the hostile and often aggressive journalist. A must see! Click to watch (Real Player)

MidEastTruth exclusive!
Joseph Farah Speaks

Selected video excerpts from Joseph Farah’s talk in Montreal, October 22, 2002 click here (Real Player)

Surviving Terrorism



Shahid A Suicide Child

This is the story of Ahmed Tafiz, a 14 year old Palestinian boy who was sent on a suicide mission and changed his mind at the last minute. His family protect him from those who sent him on the mission. (Real Player)

Unholy Asylum
Bethlehem. The birthplace of Jesus. Following the Easter festivities, armed Palestinian terrorists invaded the Church of the Nativity and took the clergy hostage, desecrating the holy site and using it as base to launch deadly terror attacks. This maneuver was orchestrated to take advantage of Israel's respect of holy sites, in a blatant attempt to draw the battle against terror onto holy ground.
(Real Player)

JENIN: The Distorted Truth

What the Palestinians report to the Arab media vs. what they "tell" the western media.
(Real Player)
IDF releases tape showing fake Palestinian funeral
The IDF released a videotape Thursday showing the apparently staged funeral of a Palestinian in the Jenin refugee camp. The footage was filmed by an IDF unmanned reconnaissance plane on April 28.
[Read More] [Watch the video]
Ticking Bomb
On the morning of June 1st, a Palestinian suicide terrorist set out with a calculated and premeditated goal of killing Israeli children. His choice was a popular discotheque in the heart of the civilian population of Tel-Aviv. This short documentary captures the heartfelt anguish of the victims. It makes clear to all that Palestinian terrorists target innocent people everywhere.

A Must See Video
Jerusalem Report editor David Horowitz on CNN addressing the media bias against Israel

Click here for the video

A robot collecting the explosive charge that was hidden inside the "Red Crescent" ambulance. (March 27, 2002)

Click here for the video
Click Here to Read IDF Spokesperson's Announcement

The Seeds of Hatred (about 10 min.)
Today, the Palestinian Authority is methodically and systematically indoctrinating a new generation of children with dangerous and irrevocable message. In the classrooms and summer camps, on television and radio, in comic books and textbooks, Palestinian children are inundated with the language of hate and violence. They are instructed to kill and are taught to aspire to give their lives as suicide bombers. An entire generation of children is being sacrificed as pawns of the Palestinian Authority, to create a new generation of terrorists.
Anti-Semitic Blood Libel Skits on Arab Television
A shocking video of the anti-semitic blood libel in its 21st century rendition. A TV program, produced and aired on Abu Dhabi television, which shows Israeli PM Sharon as an Arab blood-drinking vampire, consorting with Dracula.
(Real Player)
Middle East Crisis (about 15 min.)
Including selected excerpts by Arafat on PA television.

Highly recommended
Why Children Hate (about 30 sec.)
Hatred from the cradle.
Celebrating 9/11(about 20 sec.)
Palestinians celebrate US tragedy on September 11, 01. (CNN)
Netanyahu on Terror (about 5 min.)
Former Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on the definition of terror. (BBC)
(Real Player)
Krauthammer on the Middle East conflict (about 2:30 min.)
Washington Post columnist, Charles Krauthammer, debate about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (CounterSpin, CBC) (QuickTime)
PA Education (about 2 min.)
NBC correspondent Martin Fletcher reports on the education for violence in the PA school system and television.


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