Complete Text of "Blood Libel" Arab Program:

The scene opens in a mock office of Ariel Sharon. He is sitting at his desk. There is a skull next to him. There is an employee with Sharon, depicted as an orthodox Jew with very long sideburns. Imagine that the Sharon character continually has an insane, angry look on his face.

Employee (Ehud): Mr. Sharon, you promised me a raise at the end of the year.
Sharon: True, but only under the condition that you won't bother me.
E: Mr. Sharon, did I bother you?
S: You ask me while I'm sitting down; you are bothering me. Go away.
E: Mr. Sharon, a raise!
S: Enough! What raise? There isn't such a thing as a raise! The country is in a state of war now - no raise! Instead, we will have to go to bring stuff to sell to the Arabs. Take the money from the Arabs, produce Israeli merchandise on the same basis as foreign merchandise, and sell it to the Arabs. We'll take their money, and we'll buy tanks, missiles and bombs. Think, Ehud - all you think about is a raise.
E: Mr. Sharon, the raise I'm asking, will it crumble the budget?
S: You lame brain, you have to understand something - economic war should walk hand in hand with nuclear war. Someone might think that Sharon put all his resources in a bottle?
E: What do you mean, Mr. Sharon? Molotov cocktail? (Sharon holds a wine bottle).
S: No, this isn't a Molotov cocktail - look closely.
E: Dynamite?
S: This isn't dynamite. This bottle is cold and delicious.
E: Mr. Sharon, explain it to me.
S: I've talked with the experts to produce a cold and soothing bottle. A little Arab blood. So we'll drink the Arab blood. It contains blood, preservatives, a little diet material, but I'm still confused - I can't quite find the proper name for this drink. We're looking for a specific name - it has to be a big name. We'll make a big campaign - a propaganda campaign. Open your mind - "I want a raise" -Think bigger. I'm willing to give you shares in this company, but only if your brain works. Work this brain of yours, that is if you have one.

Scene: a group of men around a table, with Sharon at the head, insane and hyper, laughing like a maniac.
1: "Nova cola".
2: No, "Blood cola".
3: "Petty cola".
Sharon: No, I've got the best name. What do you think - That's it! The name will be "Dra-cola." Dra-cola. Cartoon -showing an evil looking man with horns, holding a can above his head, pouring the blood into his mouth. The blood splatters all over his face as he drinks with glee. There is a Jewish star on his chest. There is a song that goes with this scene:
Dra-cola, my friend/ for all friends/ (Repeat)/ Don't drink milk/ you're in Tel-Aviv/ don't drink anything except Dra-cola, my friend/ The original drink from Arabic blood/ Main distributor -Ariel Sharon and partners/

Scene: Sharon with Israeli soldiers. One at each side of him. The camera pans to a scene of other Israeli soldiers urinating on a wall. As the camera moves beyond the urinating soldiers we see other soldiers about to shoot Arab prisoners.

Sharon: Enjoy the killing, so we'll drink blood; we want blood for the Dra-cola factory. What are you waiting for? Go on - fire! (Shooting) Well done, well done. You know every time I recall those happy days it makes me feel good, so good. When Menachem Sharon (Begin) asked me, "Sharon, what would you like for your 20th birthday?", I told him I want as a present 20 Arab children so we will draw their blood
and drink it. It was one of my best nights.

"True story that occurred in 1944" The Sharon character is standing over a fire, telling other people to throw children into the burning fire. They throw dolls into the fire. Sharon: It's my birthday, throw it, throw it! Scene: Back to the office, where Sharon and Ehud are shown to be drinking blood together. The telephone rings. The phone is a gun. When Sharon holds the gun to his head, it looks as though he is about to shoot

Sharon: Ehud, this is one of the best moments in my life - drink up, drink Dra-cola. (RING) Hello, Esther? Dra-cola factory? Ah, Dracula the vampire. Esther, put him through. Dracula, my friend - you have something?
Dracula: (Bloody, crazy looking angry Dracula character) Sharon, Sharon, bewitched blood thief. How dare you use my name and prepare a drink behind my back and distribute it without telling me? Sharon, Sharon, I'll send you to a thousand dooms.
S: Dracula, my friend, I didn't mean to harm you. If you want a small percentage of the sales, I've got no problem with it. This is your friend Sharon. We are both vampires. I have some Dra-cola.
D: Listen to me, Sharon, you'll come tonight after nightfall. Bring it to me immediately, do you understand? We'll even things out. If you don't come tonight, I will come to you myself. Do you understand!?! But be warned - come by yourself. Clear?
S: I don't think he just wants to talk. He talks with great anger.
Ehud: Don't worry, Mr. Sharon. You know Dracula, you know his capability. Once you give him blood, you're safe from his evil.
S: I'm not sure. I've got to visit him. Mind the office. Good-bye.
E: (To self) I hope he bites you.

Scene: In Dracula's "house." Dracula emerges from one of the coffins in the room.

Sharon: Dracula, my friend? (repeat) Dracula, my friend, it's me - Sharon. I've arrived. Here you go, my friend. (Hands Dracula a wine bottle, filled with blood)
Dracula: I'm not going to drink even one drop. Why is it that you use my name and profit behind my back? I, who sucks the blood of the world. How dare you come and suck my blood?
S: Dracula, my friend, this is not intentional.
D: What do you bring?
S: A bottle containing Arab blood for you to drink.
D: I don't drink out of a bottle. I don't drink blood that I don't know, Sharon.
S: What do you drink?
D: I want a present from you.
S: What present? Just name it, I am at your service.
D: I want warm blood that runs in veins.
S: No, No, I ...Dracula!
Dracula bites Sharon in the neck.

New Scene:
Newscaster: Here are the news. Dracula, the international vampire, was found dead after he was poisoned by sucking dirty blood, cold and filthy. The terrorist Sharon claimed responsibility.

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