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Emanuel Winston is the Freeman Center's Middle East analyst. He has published over 2500 articles and given hundreds of radio and television interviews and has been a major supporter of Israeli institutions of higher learning for over two decades.

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Posted by HBendor

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What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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~by Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Olmert threw down the gauntlet yesterday when he said:

"If the day comes when the two-state solution collapses, and we face a
South African-style struggle for equal voting rights [assuming that the
Palestinians in the territories will petition peacefully to be citizens
of Israel, taking on the obligations of Israeli citizenship], then, as
soon as that happens, the State of Israel is finished,"

This what the Left would have you believe.

Olmert's body language when he was holding hands with American
President George W. Bush had the look of a beaten dog just glad to be
there. For a few moments I thought he was going to lick the
President's face as he tilted his head looking like a teen-age girl
awaiting her first kiss.

Olmert is known to be an exceptionally weak Prime Minister which should
surprise no one given his history as a manipulator, hiding behind
various government offices he occupied.

Olmert wishes to rely on pledges made at Annapolis under mandates issued
by Bush and Rice under a (do it or else), denials notwithstanding.

Olmert is well aware that none of the past commitments made by the
Muslim Arab Palestinians under the moribund "Road Map" have been kept.

Terror continued under the Palestinian Authority's Mahmoud Abbas
before Ariel Sharon and Olmert evicted 10,000 Jewish men, women and
children from their homes, farms, schools, synagogues, factories and
cemeteries of Gush Katif/Gaza.

Gaza turned into a full scale Terror base, followed by a vote which put
the more radical Hamas in control. Soon Hamas and Fatah began to
struggle for power and money. They seemed to split but many of the Fatah
army and police and the Arab Muslim Palestinians have been polled and
showed a definite bias towards the Hamas attack policy.

Middle East experts, including those who are familiar with Islam know
what treaties and agreements mean to Islam under Koranic law.

There are no true agreements that Muslims may make with "infidels"
(non-Muslims), namely Israel, America and/or Europe. In both the Koran
(written Islamic law) and the "Hadith" (Mohammed's Oral Law),
Muslims are mandated to make agreements even if they have no intention
of keeping them to advance the cause of Islam. Agreements called
"Hudnas" are recommended which implements a "resting period" negotiated
with the enemy but which is to end the moment the Islamists feel strong
enough to renew the struggle or "Jihad" (war for Islam).

The maximum time allowed for any such agreement is 10 years and then all
such agreements with "infidels" must be abrogated and declared "null and

The Free Western world has yet come to grips with this irrevocable
commitment to "Jihad" by Muslims. The Arab Muslims make the claim that
their land and all others is sacred. Worse yet, the West and the liberal
media instantly genuflect to the claim that Islam is dominant and more
sacred than any other religion. There will be no Peace under the rules
and mandates of Koranic Law, no matter what the Muslim Arabs say or

As for Olmert's statement that "Israel will be finished!", this
shows a mind-set of a weak, dangerous leader who is ready and even
anxious to accept defeat at the hands of Islam. It reminds us of when
Olmert said: "I'm tired of winning." - the mark of a defeatist.

Regrettably, Olmert has supporters in the Knesset who keep him in power
for their own personal benefits. In the years to come, the mark of Cain
will surely be stamped on their foreheads for their willingness to
betray their brothers for personal gain.


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JUDEA & SAMARIA are clearly and unquestionably JEWISH!



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