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Barry Shaw made aliyah from Manchester, England with his family. He spent eleven years on various kibbutzim, ending up at Mishmar HaSharon, the same kibbutz that served as home to Ehud Barak. After leaving the kibbutz for Netanya, Barry Shaw set up a busy real estate office in Netanya. A former believer in the Oslo process.

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What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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PostTue May 09, 2006 8:03 pm     The Coming Armageddon    

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The Coming Armageddon

By Barry Shaw

Appeasement often takes the form of denial.

Hitler never really meant to invade Czechoslovakia, or Poland. Hitler;s book, “Mein Kampf” is not to be taken literally. Could six million Jews really have died? Arafat wasn't a terrorist. Hamas is the democratically elected leadership of the Palestinian people. They should be given every assistance. The worldwide anger and rampant murderous acts of Muslims is justified and excused. Iran really won't develop an atomic bomb. The Iranian President doesn't really mean what he says. And in the defensive anger of this denial, Israel is portrayed as the guilty party, Israel and America.

All diversions and distractions to avoid the painful truth. Facts, history, bold statements, truths are swept aside in an additional effort at denial. Appeasement must cover the horrendous face of truth because the truth is too painful and too horrible to contemplate.

And so, in a personal attempt to reveal the march of history, allow me to highlight a few pointers that are leading to our future. In several European countries, the invasion of Arab and Muslim immigrants has been accepted as an almost natural and welcome development of a multi-cultural society. Their advocates insist that they will be a contributing addition to their host countries. This is incorrect. They will contribute only to a change in the established norms and practices, until each country will become submissive to the will of the immigrants, and accept Shari' a law.

I protest that the March of Islam is not benign. I insist that the problem is not the 'moderate', law-abiding Muslim citizens in those countries. The problem lies with the moderate, non-protesting, indigenous population who, by their silence, have become a Fifth Column within their own country. By doing nothing, by permitting their leaders to allow the continuation of this invasion, they are aiding and abetting a future they cannot contemplate.

The signs were there as early as the 70s. In 1972, Palestinian terror chief, George Habash told Italian journalist, Oriana Fallaci, that the Palestinian problem was about much more than Israel. The Arab goal, he told her, was to wage war against Europe and America. "There would be no peace for the West. The Arabs would advance step-by-step, millimeter-by-millimeter, year-after-year, decade-after-decade. Determined, stubborn, patient. This is our strategy. A strategy we shall expand throughout the whole planet."

This philosophy was shared by Yasser Arafat. Arafat never had any intention of accepting a rump state of Palestine. Not for him to be an emperor in a gilded cage. For all the fawning and appeasement by world leaders, Arafat harbored grander dreams.

There is, however, the Palestinian strategy of the Trojan Horse that is being applied by the Muslim invasion of Europe and even the USA. Arafat's acceptance of a return from Tunis to the territories granted to him in the West Bank and Gaza was never seen by him as the land in which to build his state. Instead, it was grabbed as a base from which to continue the Trojan Horse policy of pressing Israel for more concessions and land deliveries. It mattered not to Arafat whether this would be achieved by statesmanship, diplomacy, or terror, the Islamic march of Palestine would continue beyond the elimination of the Jewish State.

But the Arab and Islamic march on Europe was not a local Palestinian dream. It was soaked into the soul of most Islamic leaders. Yet, even when public pronouncements were clearly made, outlining their intentions, the appeasers refused to listen.

Three years after President Houari Boumedienne had led Algeria to independence, he stood in the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1974 and declared, "One day, millions of men will leave the southern Hemisphere to burst into the northern one. But not as friends. They will burst in to conquer. They will conquer it by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women."

This clear statement of intent was ignored as fantasy by all. Is it ringing a warning bell today? In 1997, a London-based Imam said, "We cannot conquer these people with tanks and troops. We have got to overcome them by the force of our numbers."

Many see Europe becoming Eurabia. Others see London, represented by people like Ken Livingstone, Georg Galloway, Claire Short and others, as becoming Londonistan. The European Left has fallen over themselves to side with radical Islam as part of their hate campaign against America, Israel and anybody who shares the democratic vision of these countries. But this is the face of the patient March of Islam.

What is equally, or more, disturbing are the despicable rantings of the President of Iran. Many view his statements denying the Holocaust, while threatening the next one, as a sort of sick joke.

The same appeasers and apologists support Ahmadinejad by claiming that he is telling the truth when he says that all he really wants is to provide his people with clean nuclear energy. They ignore the fact that Iran has one of the biggest natural resources of fuel in the world that can keep the Iranians in home-developed energy for generations to come.

And here is the biggest, and most frightening denial of all. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a religious fanatic who truly believes that the coming of the Twelfth Imam, for him the coming of the true Messiah, is due to come within two years when the world, according to his belief, after a time of cosmic chaos, bloodshed, war, and famine.

Ahmadinejad portrays America and Israel as the forces of evil and darkness. This fits the description of the enemy that must be faced in cataclysmic confrontation in order to create the End Times that will herald the arrival of the Imam Mahdi.

It is these facts that drive the Iranian President in pursuit of the weapon of mass destruction. His statements regarding the annihilation of Israel are firmly believed and will be executed by him. For the act against Israel will be the act that will bring the world into the state of chaos and war that he desires.

And if anybody thinks that this man does not really mean what he says, please remind them that Iranian President Ahmadinejad stood at the same podium as the Algerian President, thirty two years before him, and made a speech in the
most apocalyptic terms, concluding with the prophetic prayer to hasten the coming of the Mahdi to "hasten the emergence of your last repository, the Promised One, that perfect and pure human being."

The world has, again, been warned.

The world, however, still is trying to appease, redefine, and lie about what is about to happen.



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