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Emanuel Winston is the Freeman Center's Middle East analyst. He has published over 2500 articles and given hundreds of radio and television interviews and has been a major supporter of Israeli institutions of higher learning for over two decades.

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Posted by HBendor

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What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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PostMon Jan 02, 2006 8:11 am     REPETITION: "Donít you dare kill our Killers!"    

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REPETITION: "Donít you dare kill our Killers!"
~by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst & commentator

It has been suggested to me that my articles often contain a certain amount of rehashing or repetition. This is quite true simply because the same people are doing the same dangerous things with minimal variations.

The Muslim Arab Terrorists continue to kill Jews, followed by the rationale that they are only responding when one their own has been assassinated. Of course, they leave out the fact that the Terrorist has already been engaged in killing. In other words, "Donít you dare kill our Killers!"

I often write about the regime of Israelís Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. I admit to reminding my readers that Sharon has betrayed the nation, lied and engaged in crookery that would or should have put him before a Peoplesí Court (if there was one).

Because people usually forget unpleasant information within a few days or weeks, particularly years, they continue to return back into power these same unethical politicians who feed on their own people like parasites. The people have been so trained to obey that they assume their leaders have their best interests at heart. (Regrettably, Israelís leaders of today come first before their peoplesí needs and interests.)

Yes, I am repetitious simply because the Muslim Terrorists continue to Terrorize and Israelís leaders continue their perfidious selfishness. Once in power, the only promises they keep are those which threaten the safety of those whom they pledged to protect.

I recall being on the Executive Board of the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University. Then, as a free-lance journalist and commentator, I wrote a hard biting article about Ezer Weizman which spoke about certain of his nefarious activities. Some may recall the financial deals wherein Weizman received considerable illegal donations for his personal pocket. Weizman was furious and complained to my good friend Maj. Gen. Aharon (Arelah) Yariv, zíl who was the Head of the Jaffee Center. Naturally, Arelah interceded and asked me not to write those kind of things. It wasnít good for the Jaffee Centerís image:

Ezer Weizman, like Moshe Dayan, Yitzhak Rabin, Arik Sharon and a lot of other men were all part of the ole boyís club and therefore untouchable playing on the principal: "You watch my back and Iíll watch yours." In the meantime, all had their noses in the public treasury. Any dirty side deal was winked at.

I admit to repeating myself because things have not gotten better - only worse.

Many of these leaders were field generals. All had enumerable chances to perform heroically and some performed well to remarkably well. However, donít confuse battlefield talent with ethics. In fact, some of the best generals had a wide streak of dishonesty in their character which allowed them to better understand their enemies. Somehow they were better generals because they thought like their enemies - even though they fought each other to the death.

They deserved the honors they received for their military exploits but, as civilians they also thought the nation was theirs for the plucking. They used the law of the land like their own personal garbage can. Regrettably, the Courts went along with their schemes - rarely bringing any to trail, let alone prison.

I have been advised that bad-mouthing the leadership makes Israel look bad and could therefore, be forced out of power. Well, if they let these scavengers feed on the people, then they should look bad. We have all watched Sharon savage the good people of Gush Katif/Gaza and northern Samaria in order to cover-up the Sharon familyís crooked financial dealings. It is no secret that Sharon has kept the Gush Katif evacuees shuttling from one shabby hotel to another when they had been hard-working, self-sustaining patriotic citizens of the Jewish State. With his disgusting ability to plan well, he insured that these evacuees would be kept far apart and in misery to insure that they could not gather and effectively protest his policies.

Everyone thinks it was merely poor planning and the appointment of incompetent party hacks who insured that no housing is available when 10,000 men, women and children were uprooted and evicted from the homes they had created and built over 3 generations.

Indeed, it is all of that but, mainly Sharon and his gaggle of slippery advisors who could not afford to have the Jews of Gush Katif awakening the rest of the nation to his next stages of evacuation. In brief, it was not poor planning but deliberate, pre-meditated planning to keep the evacuees unsettled, on the move and out of the publicís eye.

For these and many more reasons, I remind the Jews of the corruption that has unfortunately become endemic at the highest levels of Israelís so-called leadership, I will add that I feel the same about much of Americaís Jewish leadership who simply Ďgo alongí.

Did you think that it was only primitive people, ruled by tribal chiefs who adapted to a slave mentality? I submit that most population of the so-called higher intellect are merely slaves to what they have been trained to do. Granted the tyrants and dictators who rise to lead seem to have more purpose or, at least, they are more ruthless in persuading us what to do. But, we are not mindless zombies subject to those who would-be least some of us. It is understandable that many do not wish to be reminded with frequency that crooks are running our lives and we must move against them.

So, I accept the responsibility to continue as the proverbial gad-fly and to sting the crooks as well as their half-asleep victims. It took the French a long time to say "Enough!" and implement their Revolution with the guillotine. Perhaps, if politicians knew that there was a price to be paid for their banditry, they may not be so quick to misuse the good will of the people.

I cannot help but wonder if the people were left under the spell of dictators and tyrants, would they end up acting like the Iraqis who cheered and loved Saddam Hussein even as Saddamís son Uday was feeding those Iraqi citizens who displeased him into mass graves which are still being discovered today.

Israel, too, is being shredded by the policy called "Disengagement". But that "Disengagement" actually morphed out of Oslo which itself had its genesis in the earliest de-Judification of the State.

One does not have to be Nostradamus or a Biblical Prophet to see what will happen to Israel under its current system of government where Sharon can literally pick one-third of the next Knesset members by selecting those 120 political players to be on his "Kadima" Party election list. Nor does one have to be a Gadol to see where Israel is headed as Sharon continues to dismember and undermine the strength and deterrent capability that a whole Israel, "Israel Schleima" or Greater Israel holds as a strategic asset in the Middle East for America and the rest of the Free World.

In closing, the latest news is the result of the Sharon-Bush blunder in emptying Gaza/Gush Katif of Jews. The Kassem Rockets are increasing in volume and distance. The sluggards of Leftist Media call them "Home Made Rockets" as if they were merely non-explosive toys intended only to make noise (like fireworks) and not kill.

Sharon, our elderly Prime Minister in his dash for re-election, has sent aircraft to bomb the areas where the launching of these Rockets occurs (all areas previously settled by Jews and now available to the Terrorists thanks to Sharonís withdrawal.) Sharonís propagandists are telling the Israeli people that because the attacks continue, he will make Northern Gaza a "No-Go" area for Muslim Arab Palestinians.

Thatís reminiscent of the Lebanon "No-Go" area which then Prime Minister Ehud Barak abandoned in the middle of the night and left as a vacuum which was quickly filled by HebzíAllah (Party of G-d) Terrorists (supported by Syria and funded by Iran) who possess some 12,000 missiles (many with chemical warheads).

So the great General Sharon, in his addled state of mind, is creating a barrier over land he abandoned which is now filled with Arab Muslim Terror Organizations such as Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Al Aksa Martyrsí Brigades and others. If ever a bumbling incompetent should be driven from office as a clear and present danger to the nation, Sharon is that man and now is that time.

The other Bumbler who encouraged the Gaza Evacuation (President George Bush) has shut his mouth and, for the moment, is allowing Sharon to create a fake display of bravado against those incoming Muslim Arab radical Islamists from Global Terror organizations who are shelling Israel daily.

All the lives and all the money Sharon pledged to save by his stupid and cruel "Disengagement" (Eviction/Deportation) is now - as predicted - five times and growing what it cost to keep Israeli Army patrols and checkpoints in Gaza.



JUDEA & SAMARIA are clearly and unquestionably JEWISH!


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