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Emanuel Winston is the Freeman Center's Middle East analyst. He has published over 2500 articles and given hundreds of radio and television interviews and has been a major supporter of Israeli institutions of higher learning for over two decades.

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Posted by HBendor

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What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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PostThu Dec 22, 2005 9:08 pm     CRUSHING ISRAEL    

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~by Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator

I wonder if anyone has noticed that the more President Bush moves to crush Israel’s spirit and ability to defend herself, the more things go wrong for this President.

Regrettably, those things that go wrong for Bush also affect America generally. Bush has chosen to ignore his proclamation to "Make War On Global Terror" including Arab Muslim Palestinian Terrorists and all those who harbor Terrorists. Instead, Bush uses Israel as his ‘dangle’ to appease the Arab Muslim Terrorists, ignoring 156 Kassem Rockets fired into Israel since Sharon’s withdrawal of the 10,000 Jewish men, women and children from Gaza/Gush Katif.

President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) is failing while the biggest Muslim Arab Palestinian Terror Organization, Hamas, is advancing and growing in power - thanks to Bush’s insistence that Israel restrain herself from retaliating against Arab Muslim attacks.

But, Bush is literally paying Abu Mazen who in turn is paying Terrorists and their families (or at least families of suicide/homicide bombers). Now, the word "Impeachment" is being mentioned - cautiously, casually - because a weak Bush took the guidance of his father, Bush, Sr., James Baker III, Donald Rumsfeld, and lied to the American public about turning the American Spy Eye on Americans in America.

But, both Bush, Sr. And the son Bush lied to the Israelis. The Father manipulated PM Yitzhak Rabin and the son manipulated PM Ariel Sharon. Both were only old Generals and both were actually country bumpkins in geo-politics. They were (both) told that they and Israel had a big role to play on the World Stage. What they weren’t told was that their contribution would be as the sacrificial goat to elevate Bush politically and to give up the Land in order to appease the Muslim Arabs. This President has ignored Israel’s contribution to America’s safety and, instead, misused this friendship as his father did to appease the Saudis.

Later, when they balked at being misused, then the Bush administration’s gloves came off and the deeper threats began: "Do it our way or we will cut off your supply of jet fuel, spare parts, we will cancel contracts - both ours and any international contracts you have for your technology and industry." Then American military manufacturers got into the act, using Bush’s pressure to stop Israel from being competitive to them by selling unique arms world wide. So now, Israel, under vicious threats, must submit all contracts being negotiated with other countries to the Pentagon. While these American companies sold massive arms to Israel’s most dedicated enemies, In fact, we Americans sell arms to anyone with the money to buy, but America insists that Israel cannot.

When Hamas started to show political strength, in addition to their Terrorism, who shows up but the blasted pro-Arab U.S. State Department wheedling and sniveling to make connections with Hamas after Hamas pushes Mahmoud Abbas out of the ‘Palestinian’ Presidency.

So, the more Bush drags Sharon around like a bull with a ring through his nose, the more Bush fails - in every area possible. We are generating more and more casualties in Iraq and Bush is desperate to escape. He babbles about winning, even as he generates his own losses and ours, too.

When the Terrorists succeed, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice demands more concessions and gestures from Israel. Rice screams and demands that now Israel allows daily convoys of Palestinians to go from Gaza through Israel to Hebron. The trucks can be loaded with dirty, unconventional bombs, WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) possibly with NBC (Nuclear, Biological and/or Chemical) warheads. To Rice it doesn’t matter as long as Israel caves in and shows she can demonstrate her power by making Israel run away and retreat...the opposite of ‘Kadima’ (Forward).

In the meantime, Bush is looking for those friendly Arab Muslims he bribed in case they decide to pay America back with radioactive bombs. Bush has succeeded in crippling Israel’s defensive posture against Terror, against Global Terror. They have Israel controlled and restrained to firing artillery at empty buildings and empty fields, lest they actually hit a Kassem Rocket launching team and make them mad.

In fact, Israel is not supposed to do anything to make anyone mad. Not the Bushes, not the Europeans, not the Arab Muslims - particularly the Saudis - not even the Iranian Muslims who threaten to wipe Israel off the map with their growing nuclear weapons capability.

So Bush, his family and the oil magnates (maggots) will indeed sprial down and unfortunately drag all of us down to the pit he is headed for.

Many of us see the fall of Sharon by his stroke or by his falling political fortunes, as a result of his acceptance of the Bush Doctrine. Regrettably, like the American people, the Israelis also will suffer for the failings of their corrupt leaders.

There is a price to pay and we are all paying it.

When the Bushes and their oil friends leave Washington, perhaps both America and Israel can recover.



JUDEA & SAMARIA are clearly and unquestionably JEWISH!


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