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Gerald Honigman is a Florida educator who has done extensive doctoral work in Middle East studies, has lectured on numerous university and other platforms. He has debated many of the best Arab and pro-Arab academics in public debates and on television. Mr. Honigman is widely published in academic journals, magazines, newspapers and other publications.

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Posted by Honigman

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What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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PostSun Jul 28, 2013 8:50 am     Israel: Stop Whining And Do Something    

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Israel: Stop Whining And Do Something
by Gerald A. Honigman

Instead of constantly setting yourself up for victimization…

Drum roll, please…

Get ready for the latest round of Jew-arm twisting (aka ”negotiations”) and for the newest attempt to force a replay of Munich 1938.

As many of us have warned, in this scenario, Israel becomes the new Czechoslovakia.

In the latter’s case, that nation’s Sudetenland region had a large number of ethnic Germans, so when Hitler put forth his demand to annex it, Czechoslovakia’s alleged friends forced it to cede this important region to the Nazis for what Great Britain’s Neville Chamberlain called “peace for our time” even though it was obvious that Czechoslovakia was but an hors d’oeuvres for what Hitler really had in mind. The world was soon at war anyway after this sacrificial offering.

For a supposedly intelligent people, Jews can be dangerously and pitifully stupid.

Firstly, let’s dismiss what Arabs and the Arabized have to say about any of this. In their eyes, there is no justice besides theirs. Ask any of the scores of millions of non-Arabs in the region who have been their subjugated victims over the past sixteen centuries, continuing to this very day. Most so-called “Arab” states were conquered and forcibly Arabized from assorted non-Arab, native peoples.

The Arab-Israeli conflict has never been about Arabs getting their 22nd state and second, not first, in the original April 25, 1920 Mandate of Palestine. They could have had that additional state decades ago if they just were able to grant that other peoples had rights as well. Arab Jordan was already created from almost 80% of the Mandate in 1922. Rather, the problem has always involved Arabs granting any of the region’s other peoples (black Africans in the Sudan, Kurds, Imazighen/”Berbers,” kilab yahud (“Jew dogs”), Copts, Assyrians, etc.) a mere sliver of the very same rights they so forcefully demand for themselves. The only permissible “roadmaps” are Arab ones in this ruler and ruled line of thinking.

As far as Europe goes, its collective opinion on anything having to do with Jews is also worthless. Dehumanization, demonization, humiliation, ghettoization, degradation, subjugation, inquisition, expulsion, massacre, auto da fe, Holocaust, and so forth are terms too often associated with that lovely millennial experience vis-a-vis Christendom’s alleged deicide people. Despite some wishful thinking, continue to include Russia in this mix as well.

So, besides sub-Saharan Africa and most of the non-Muslim parts of Asia–which are a mixed bag and mostly bystanders still too dependent on Arab or Arabized Iranian oil–that leaves the most important player regarding this whole Arab-Israeli mess…America.

The senator from Illinois, who was quite vocal stating that Israel would be crazy (his exact words) to reject the alleged Saudi Peace Plan (which, among other things, called for a total Israeli withdrawal back to the ’49 armistice lines, not borders, which made the country a mere nine to fifteen miles wide at its waist, where most of its population and infrastructure are located), received 78% of the Jewish vote anyway in 2008.

Despite the predictable nastiness which followed as President Obama next surrounded himself with like-minded anti-Israel foreign policy folks and turned the screws ever tighter on Israelis who did not cave to his wishes, American Jews gave him 70% and oodles of additional cash yet again in 2012. Not having to worry about another election and with a perpetually Arabist State Department supporting him, Obama now virtually has a free hand–with Congress as the only potential countering force.

While it is true that if the President and his like-minded, carefully chosen, fellow anti-Zionist podmates such as Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Chuck Hagel, and John Kerry (the alleged milder of the crew–until Judeans/Jews insist that they, as well as Arabs, also have rights in Judea) force the resurrected Munich scenario too much, that tens of millions of Evangelicals might start beating down the doors of Congress, if I were the Israeli leader, I would not count on this for my nation’s salvation.

While not everything coming out of his mouth were gems of wisdom, David Ben-Gurion, the former Israel leader, made an important point when he stated that it’s not what Gentiles say but what Jews do that really matters in terms of Israel’s survival. And that brings me back to stupid Jews…

Israel must let it be known loudly and clearly before coming to any “negotiations” that, unlike the Czechs prior to World War II, it has absolutely no intentions of virtually slitting its own throat via withdrawing back to the suicidal ’49 Auschwitz/armistice lines. State it, mean it, and refuse to come to Borat’s next “throw the Jew down the well” party.

Furthermore, Israeli leaders (with backbones intact) must declare that they will insist on getting what the final draft of UNSC Resolution 242 promised in the aftermath of the Arabs’ renewed, unsuccessful attempt on Israel’s life in 1967–more secure, defensible, and real political borders.

This requires a real, effective, territorial compromise over the disputed–not “purely Arab”–territories.

Jews are not strangers to places like East Jerusalem, where their Temple Mount is located, Bethlehem, where King David was born, Hebron, and so forth. Can the Brits say the same thing about the Falkland Islands? How about America in places like Samoa, the Russians in Chechnya–or for that matter, the Arab Jihadi invaders of everywhere in the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond that they conquered, settled, and colonized outside of their home base on the Arabian Peninsula?

Arabs repeatedly state that they will never allow for such a compromise.

Furthermore, they insist that after Israel withdraws back to the ’49 lines that it next allow itself to be swamped by millions of allegedly returning refugees. Israel’s next response must thus be to tell their “peace (of the grave) partners” to drop dead and prepare for all out war and finish the job this time–and, again, to hell with the world’s hypocrites who fire bombed Dresden, nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki, etc. and so forth.

Moving on…

Related to this next proposed round of Jew arm-twisting–er negotiations–Secretary of State Kerry’s plan to get Arabs back to the table involves Jews freeing over a hundred more Arab heroes, many with Jewish blood on their hands and other wannabes. We’ve been down this road far too many times before.

When will the moron Hebrews learn?

If the Arab disembowelers, throat slitters, decapitators, and body bombers were dealt with as they should have been in the first place–shot in the head with one or two cheap bullets when caught in the act or, after a fair trial, soon afterwards–the Jew of the Nations would not have to look like a pathetic idiot time after time, willingly setting itself up for blackmail to Arabs laughing their derrieres off.

How would any Arab and/or Muslim country deal with Jews if the situation were reversed?

To hell with hypocritical world opinion from places where Israel is merely “that shitty little country” or where Israel has to beg to be larger than a virtual zipper of a state while other nations acquire territories hundreds or thousands of miles away from home in the name of their own interests.

When Israel’s leaders arrive in Obama’s Washington, they must be prepared for the worst…this despite the non-stop barbarism occurring all over the so-called Arab world today. But, never mind–the Jews will be expected to expose the necks of their kids to the likes of the latter day Arafatians of Fatah, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas anyway.

Once again, The One revealed his hand while still a senator. Nothing has changed from his perspective. He still has a problem with Jews who won’t prostrate themselves low enough to his demands. His type of Israelis and other Jews are those whose favorite animal is the ostrich.

Netanyahu and his crew must be prepared to take an early flight back to Israel and absorb the consequences if Team Obama does what it most likely will try to do–turn the clock back in Washington 2013 to Munich 1938.

Bibi must next unabashedly take his case before the entire American people.

Israel has many friends in this great country who will indeed raise a powerful outcry to the would-be new Neville Chamberlains.

Obama will not be running for office again–but many other Democrats will.



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