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Gerald Honigman is a Florida educator who has done extensive doctoral work in Middle East studies, has lectured on numerous university and other platforms. He has debated many of the best Arab and pro-Arab academics in public debates and on television. Mr. Honigman is widely published in academic journals, magazines, newspapers and other publications.

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Posted by Honigman

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What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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PostMon Apr 25, 2011 10:31 pm     Israel And The Problem No One Talks About...    

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Israel And The Problem No One Talks About...
by Gerald A. Honigman

So, the Middle East is erupting all around the Jewish State, and the uncertainty of the devils unkown replacing those known throughout the neighborhood is of course a great concern.

While not a whole lot of Jew scapegoating is accompanying most of the recent rioting and protests, there have been some troubling incidents--including the mass rape of a non-Jewish reporter who got to hear "Jew, Jew" as she was being assaulted by an Egyptian mob anyway-- a reminder about what's still on the back burner. While one could hope that in this age of a more broadly connected world community, mass social media, and the like a greater skepticism of age-old prejudices and beliefs could lead to the dawn of a new, more tolerant era for the entire region and all of its diverse peoples, for a number of reasons I fear that such results won't win the day.

The probable rapproachement between Egypt's likely next Islamist regime and Iran's nuclear ayatollahs is a nightmare, to be sure, and an Israel surrounded by Iran's well-armed proxies in Lebanon and Gaza is nerve-wracking as well.

Yet, despite all of the above, there is an even greater problem which is facing Israel today--one which it actually has a great degree of control of, if it only has the will to act.

Repeatedly, Jews are being attacked and intimidated by Arabs, right in Israel proper, and the authorities do nothing. What message is this sending? Do I need to explain?

Add to this the ongoing attacks and murders of Jews in the disputed areas of Judea and Samaria, and the situation becomes intolerable.

Let's address both parts of this problem separately...

Israel was reborn largely so that there would be at least one place--regardless of how small--where Jews could exist where they did not have to live like strangers in someone else's land constantly under threat of violence.

While Arabs also have lived on the land as a result of their own earlier conquests and settlement (and most entered the Mandate of Palestine as newcomers themselves in the early 20th century, despite their claims otherwise, as documented by the Minutes of the Permanent Mandates Commision of the League of Nations and other valid sources), this does not negate the claims of the Jews.

The same way Arabs conquered the land of Israel, their conquests from the 7th century of the common era onwards took them all over the rest of the region (and beyond) as well. In the process, scores of millions of non-Arabs were slaughtered, forcibly Arabized, subjugated, and so forth--going on to this vey day. If Arabs can claim all of this area in the name of the twenty-one states that make up the "Arab League" (with the PLO having observer status as # 22 in the oven), then Israel can call itself a Jewish State. Yet, there is a big difference...

Arabs can move about freely in the Jewish State and not have to worry about Jews murdering them in their homes, in their schools, and so forth. Arab culture thrives, Israel's Arabs are the freest in the region, and Arabs are ruled by the same laws as Jews. Arabs serve in Israel's Parliament who openly side with Hamas and other Arabs who call for Israel's destruction. Now ask a Kurd, Copt, native kelbi yahudi (Jew dog), Berber, black African, or any other non-Arab living in "Arab" lands (what Arabs call purely Arab patrimony) what their routine experience has been...

Okay, with this background, Arab intimidation of Jews in the latters' own land can not be tolerated...and yet it is.

Using just one of too many incidents like it, a group of Jews went for ice cream in Jaffa and were severly attacked, barely escaping with their lives...and Israel did nothing about this. Time after time, Arabs have gotten away with such actions. Each time this occurs and is not dealt with properly, Israel places another nail in its own coffin.

Such violence against Jews is nothing short of virtual acts of treason against the Jewish State. By deliberately singling out and attacking Jews, Arabs are attacking the state reborn for them. There is no doubt that this is the intent...

While at the present moment in history one may argue that Israel needs to tread carefully so that the focus of the revolts all around it does not get shifted onto itself, this situation has existed for many years now. What excuse was there to tolerate this earlier?

Israel must make it very clear that it will go after any and all who make Jews feel like unwanted strangers in their own land. So far, even under the alleged "hardliner," Netanyahu, it has shown more of a willingness to crack down on Jews who dare to assert their rights than on Arabs who threaten them. This is nothing short of a cowardly disgrace, and Israel is already paying the price--big time.

Arabs do not fear Israel any more--and fear is unfortunately needed given Arab rejectionist, murderous intentions...regardless of the LaLaland world of Leftist Jewish pipedream artists.

Arabs who attack Jews in Israel must be pursued, taken to trial, and made a harsh example of. This should have been done all along.

Repeat offenders should be given the boot out of the country, and Lefty Jew judges, academics, and such must get canned. They have already done horrendous damage to the nation, and there are certainly others who can take their places.

A death sentence must be adopted for those who get their kicks out of such things as beheading 3-month old Jewish babies and murdering the rest of the family as well; murdering pregnant women and their children in cars and students at study; or young fathers at prayer at Jewish holy sites. Why should Israeli tax payers be drained to keep such vermin alive--only to be freed, at some later point, for the bones of some more dead Jews that other Arabs will offer in trade?

The problem is that Israel worries too much about the opinion of the world's assorted hypocrites and practitioners of the double standard supreme.

Freedom stops where treason begins...unless suicide is the goal. While our ancient sage, Rabbi Hillel, called for us to care about others, he did not say to do so at our own existence and well-being.

Now, for part two of this problem...

If Israel is not serious about pressing for the final draft of 1967's UNSC Resolution 242 to be implemented, then it needs to just totally withdraw to the 1949 armistice lines.

But, if it realizes that that nine to fifteen mile wide existence translates into indefensible borders--especially given recent developments in the region--then it must insist on the territorial compromise built into 242 which allows Judeans--Jews--back into Judea and Samaria, aka, the West Bank. Jews have thousands of years of history there--including clear up to the 20th century before they were massacred by Arabs.

The lands Jews have returned to are not purely Arab lands--regardless of the latters' claims. Arabs claim almost the rest of the entire region as solely theirs as well.

Before yet more Jews are slaughtered in their sleep, at prayer, at study, and so forth, Israel must come up with its own plan of action. Waiting for Arabs to grant it any rights in the disputed territories is a sick joke. In Arab eyes, a 9-mile wide Israel is still too much to ask for, let alone anything bigger. So, Israel must act unilaterally, come up with a reasonable but meaningful compromise allowed it via 242, and take the flak.

Israel must thus decide--at long last--what it must absolutely have in the disputed territories, stake its claim, and stick to it. And the time for this appears to be coming sooner rather than later...

Within months, it appears that Arabs will declare statehood and get the United Nations to back them. At that point, Israel must annex an effective buffer zone allowed it via 242 so that it gets the real, more secure, and defensible borders the Resolution (and all of its architects) calls for.

If America can claim Samoa, the Brits the Falkland Islands, the Russians Chechnya, and so forth, then Judeans living in Judea beyond the 9-mile wide ghetto allocated to them as a result of armistice lines--not borders--by the UN in 1949 should be a no brainer, as my former students would say.

In the meantime, as in Israel proper, Israel must make the intimidation and/or the spilling of Jewish blood in the disputed territories an exponentially increasing nightmare for the Arabs themselves. It cannot rely on its so-called Arab peace partners to protect Jews.

The young father killed at the Tomb of Joseph was slaughtered by Mahmoud Abbas' American armed and trained "moderate'" policemen shouting "Allahu Akbar" as they pulled the trigger. Afterward, their leader was quoted justifying the killing because "settlers are not normal people." And this is not the first time Israel's peace partners were active accomplices to the slaughter of Jews. Making matters worse, the IDF spokesman giving the briefing after the slaughter sounded like his private parts were missing. This, dear readers, is where groveling to the American State Department and the Obama White House has gotten Israel these days...

Either Israel absolutely orders all Jews to retreat back behind the '49 ghetto armistice lines, or it makes it very clear that it will actively and forcibly defend its rights in, once again, the disputed--not "purely Arab"--territories. If this means a more active presence of the IDF in the area, then so be it.

Arab parents go to sleep at night not worrying about Jews decapitating their infants. Jews must be able to do this as well, and if they can't, then a cry like that throughout Egypt prior to Pharaoh's release of the Jews to enter the Promised Land during this Passover season over three thousand years ago must be repeatedly heard from Arab butchers and their enablers.

At that point, perhaps Israel will once again be taken seriously...and if not, this needs to be done anyway.



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