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Arlene Peck is an internationally syndicated columnist and television talk show hostess. Arlene's syndicated column is read weekly by millions and her television show ("Wow! It's Arlene Peck!") can be seen throughout Southern California every Monday night.

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What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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PostTue Jan 17, 2006 7:30 am     Reading, writing and Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!    

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Reading, writing and Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!

By Arlene Peck

I grew up in the South. We learned the ‘three r’s”... readin, ‘ritin and ‘rithmatic, and our ‘delicate’ ears were shielded from all talk that might leave bad impressions on our youthful minds. We answered “Yes sir, no Sir” when a ‘grown-up’ spoke to us. Old America, where a child chewing gum or caught running in the halls was reason enough to be sent to “the office”. If it was true, back then, that we were babes in the woods, today Muslims babies are being trained to become youths in ambush. Witness what they are being taught in Arab schools. Hate-filled garbage, delivered unfiltered and specifically designed to warp the minds of children! We grew up going to summer camp. These people send their kids to camp also, terrorist camps, where they learn how to grow up and blow up.

Check out <> (Palestine Media Watch) and educate yourself about what these cultish fanatics are up to. Gawd! What else could future generations of Arab Muslim children be, other than virulently anti-infidel fanatics, whose lives will emphasise the dehumanization of Jews, Christians, and any other thing that breathes - but is not Islamic? Inhumane? Of course it is. Insane? Who can doubt it? Child abuse? Don’t ask the ACLU, UN or any of our leftist agitators who remain silent as this travesty unfolds, but scream like stuck pigs when Israel protects herself from them! Women’s rights? Yeah, right. They treat their farm animals better than their women.

Don’t fall for thinking they have no understanding of what they do or that they are not masters of this “education”. For a start, they are clever enough to realize they have to begin with the very young, if they are to accomplish their goals. They also know they need to create an accepting international atmosphere, if they are not to be discarded as fringe lunatics. And we are falling right into their well thought-out plans. Are you aware that many school districts in the US, the UK and elsewhere are teaching Islam in their classrooms, polluting young minds under the guise of political correctness and multicultural sensitivity? Do you know that any mention of Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism or Buddhism is strictly off-limits? The beliefs of Islam are cultural, and so are not only protected but also actively promoted, while ours are religious and therefore cannot be taught.

However, it gets worse. Many of our public schools, which prohibit Christian students from reading the Bible or displaying the Ten Commandments, are headed toward prohibiting even mention of the word "G-d". Somehow, CAIR and the ACLU have managed to see to it that students in California, and elsewhere, are indoctrinated into the wonderful culture of Islam. I wonder, why isn't the ACLU now protesting this abomination?
Growing up in the very heart of the Bible belt, I have had questions, even misgivings, about the motives and purposes of those who always knew the word of “the Lord” when it came to merging Church and State. I remember being singled out as the only Jewish kid in the class and rebuked for not singing the Christmas 'Christ is King' songs. Yet, I never felt any discomfort about the word G-d being used in daily life.

However, that is not what is happening today. Our parents reared us to believe that there is good in all people and to respect everybody. However, that ideology has come back to bite us in the tush, in much the same way as I see it biting Spielberg, who might have begun his movie "Munich” with good intentions but sadly crossed over and glorified the savage Palestinians who slaughtered the Israeli athletes.

The multi-headed monster attacking our youth is not limiting itself to prohibiting G-d in the classroom either. Our schools, in their efforts to be 'politically correct' by their insistence on the words "militant" and "freedom fighter" instead of "murderer", as the press regularly does, have distorted the message of education. As difficult as this may be to believe, Excelsior Elementary School in Byron, California, as part of their seventh-grade curriculum, ran a three-week course where students assumed Islamic names, recited prayers in class, memorized and recited verses from the Quran. They even had the children pretending that they were 'sharing in Ramadan’ fasting by going without something for a day. Their final exam required a paper assessing Muslim culture. When researching this unbelievable event, I didn't notice whether they included beheading and rape classes for these impressionable minds. Perhaps that comes after Graduation. Or is it just a natural extension of Koranic principle? I do know that they played "jihad games". This adorable and oh-so-American program had students imagining they were Islamic soldiers and Muslims on a Mecca pilgrimage. All the while chanting "Allah Akbar," Arabic for "God is great." I wonder by what logic the ACLU can knowingly turn a blind eye to this sort of brain-washing indoctrination, yet continue with their demands that our courthouses remove the Ten Commandments and that our children stop saying the Lord's Prayer in schools?

In case you think I'm exaggerating, check out Hugh Fitzgerald
( <> ) commenting on <> , where Muslim parents are given precise guidelines on how to 'win over’ teachers and principals. It even covers the optimum timing for inviting the teachers and administrators home to have a "delicious meal of chicken and pita". Man, they have it down to a fine art, calculated to ensure that whatever demands they make on a school, from setting aside prayer rooms, to letting students out for such prayer, is agreed (which could never happen for other faiths). When it comes to permitting Muslims essentially to conduct propaganda-- da'wa-- freely in the schools, under one guise or another, ("Sharing Ramadan" Outreach, promoted by CAIR, is granted happily), they know their wishes will be quickly honored. At this rate, they'll soon offer, "Trample you classmates 101"

Maybe I ought to go over and teach them that this particular group are not now nor ever will be “soldiers”. In Beirut, June of 1982, I personally witnessed thousands of these cowards running, with hands in the air, to surrender to the Israel soldiers, before the first bullet was fired. It wouldn't matter. These are terrorists and will never qualify for the honourable name, soldier. It's their cultures preferred model, to bomb and cause indiscriminate mayhem anywhere they settle.

Unfortunately, too many of our student and even Jewish organizations seem to be unaware of the real plans behind all of the “chairs for Islamic culture” which are popping up at an alarming rate in our universities. Their curriculum is aimed primarily at educating university students how best to destroy Israel. It is frightening how many students belong to the “International Solidarity Movement”, founded by a Canadian Moslem which even sends Jewish (in name only)students to Israel on Birthright. Some are even joining Hillel.

The Muslim tentacles of influence are deeply attached to the heart of our universities. Recently, Georgetown and Harvard universities accepted twenty million dollars in 'blood money' from Prince Alwaleed Ben Talal, a member of the Saudi royal family, for a chair to promote the study of Islam and the Muslim world. A further $15 million was given to establish the first two centres for American studies in the Middle East, at universities in Beirut and Cairo to "teach the Arab world about the American situation." Of course these are supposedly part of "philanthropic efforts to promote interfaith understanding.” In reality, they will be teaching their version of the 'situation' to these impressionable minds. I wonder? Will terrorist camps be available for the really good students? I wonder what the barometer for excellence in the Islamic world is? As yet, the world has seen nothing from them that hasn't been soaked in blood and suffering.

In a display worthy of a true sycophant, Georgetown President John J. DeGioia gushed how "deeply honored he was by Prince Alwaleed's generosity”. President DeGioia breathlessly informed us that their "plan is to endow three faculty chairs, expand programs, and academic outreach, provide scholarships for students and expand library facilities." I find it chilling how they are now able to foment their hate-speech and shape our youths minds, under the guise of 'charity'. The Prince said, "Now we can run workshops and conferences on the subject of, “What is the actual relationship between the West and the Muslim world? Is Islam compatible with modernization?" and a lot more!

This money is going to be used to expand the activities of the University's Centre for Muslim-Christian Understanding..., in other words to anyone with half a brain that means a pro-Islam and even pro-terrorist viewpoint (along with being anti-American, anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli). Maybe they could hire Tony Kushner, who was Spielberg's mentor and writer on “Munich”, to decorate? Where is Rudolph W. Giuliani when we need him? The Giulliani who threw back this same Prince’s tarnished money when he tried to donate ten million after 9/11. John Esposito obviously has no problem accepting the $20 million 'donation' to Georgetown; like me, do you wonder how much went in other pockets? This is not isolated either. Harvard President Lawrence H. Summers is also waiting, with eager, outstretched hands for his 'donations'.

Inerestingly enough, I'm writing this on the same day that the front page of the LA Times has a headline, "U.S.Faults Saudi Efforts on Terrorism". It seems someone in the Bush Administration is finally complaining how "militants are pouring into Iraq from the Saudi kingdom and money is still flowing to Al Qaeda, officials say." On one hand, it's fine to accept their millions for our schools to mould impressionable minds and receive “campaign funds” to ease the way, but, on the other, it’s not a good thing for the Saudis to give money to militants to destroy us on the battleground?

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