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What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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PostFri Jul 09, 2010 10:53 pm     From Prison To Palace...The Presbyterian Church and the Jews    

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From Prison To Palace...The Presbyterian Church and the Jews
by Gerald A. Honigman

Now, Presbyterians aren't the only folks who think that they'll gain Brownie points with their Maker if they win over Jewish souls to their theology. Others, besides them, feel this urge as well. So, it's not their ambition to convert Jews that has me particularly miffed at this time.

Having said that, I'd just love to see what their reactions would be if Jews actively sought to convert their own know, television and radio programs, numerous organizations, phony "Christian" front groups which reject the divinity of Jesus (the real main sticking point between Jews and Christians), etc. and so forth--like what Jews are constantly subjected to. While the latter are just supposed to passively accept all of this treatment and disrespect ("love"), I just wonder how those who worship the Prince of Peace would handle the shoe being placed on the other foot.

Well, as I said, the conversion thing isn't my gripe in this article. So, let me explain...

Driving down the road, I passed a sign on the lawn of the local Presbyterian Church which is promoting a program or whatever called, "Joseph--From Prison To Palace."

The irony just hit me...

Here is the Church which is now in the forefront of nastiness regarding the resurrected state of the Jews--Israel--promoting the amazing story of Jacob (later "Israel")'s son, Joseph, in the community.

Yet, given replacement theology, I guess it makes sense.

I know intelligent Christians who read the Bible and afterwards give the Jews credit for barely nothing more than Judas in the New Testament...the non-Hebrew part of the Bible. So, for many, Joseph has simply been hijacked too.

The Joseph of the Hebrew Bible, however, was a man closely connected to the history and fate of Israel--both his father, and his people.

The hypocritical double standards that the Presbyterian Church (and others like it) has been employing for some time now in judging modern Israel's attempts to survive the fate that its Arab and other enemies have in store for it are certainly not things which Israel's son, Joseph--whose actions, while in the service of Pharaoh, saved both his father and his people--would have looked kindly upon. By the way, there is good archeological evidence supporting the story of Joseph--Semitic tribes seeking permission to enter into the fertile Nile Delta, the reign of friendly Semitic Hyksos rulers, and even an Egyptian account of a Semitic prime minister who did Joseph-like deeds for Pharaoh and Egypt.

The Presbyterian Church is in the lead in pushing for divestment from Israel allegedly for its abuse of Arabs and expects Joseph's real people--no "replacement" here--and reborn nation to merely out-Christian Christians in the face of enemies sworn to destroy them both by turning cheek after cheek after cheek after cheek. No doubt that they are Apartheid Israel Jimmy Carter's best friends.

Of course, Israel's very rebirth is a problem for rejection theology types--like those gotta "save" those Jews Presbyterians. After all, that was not supposed to happen for the alleged "G_d-killers." Perpetual wandering and such was supposed to be the ticket instead. 1948 upset their theological applecart.

And for those non-religious types, they still have religious bigots running the show and too often also fall for the easier to blame the victim than have to deal with the source of the real problem routine.

The suffering of Arabs--which and whom Jews truly care about--occurs mainly because Arabs have always rejected any solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict which would not be another Final Solution for Jews. The Arab nakba is indeed mostly self-inflicted.

Given this, a tiny Israel--which sits on a mere fraction of one percent of the region's territory--must do what it must do to survive.

Arabs have carved out almost two dozen states for themselves to date via the conquest and forced Arabization of mostly non-Arab peoples' lands. This is still going on in full force today. Just ask tens of millions of Copts, Kurds, black Africans, Imazighen (Berbers), native "kilab yahud" (Jew dogs), and other victims of a subjugating Arab mindset which declares the entire region to be merely "purely Arab patrimony." Indeed, this is what the Arab-Israeli conflict has always been all about...not checkpoints, settlements, and such.

As I and others have stated often before, it's not how big Israel is, but that Israel is which is the problem for Arabs...and for the same reason that Arabs won't allow millions of native Imazighen and Kurds to even speak their own language, nor name their own children their own native names--forcing them to use Arab ones instead. Funny, I haven't heard anyone in the Presbyterian Church pontificating about any of this, however.

So here's the deal...

The day the Presbyterian Church (and other Jew-baiters of its same ilk) addresses the much greater sins of the "Arab" world which surrounds Israel (which make an imperfect Israel look like a nation of saints by comparison)--a world which has scores of millions of non-Arabs living in various states of true subjugation and intimidation--is the day when such an organization will have a right to point its finger at Israel.

Until then, it's simply that same age-old Jew thing again--only now it's also aimed at the Jew of the Nations.

Now, if I have offended some folks by what you just read, well...


It's well past the time that you finally got a dose of what you've been constantly dishing out.



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