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Gerald Honigman is a Florida educator who has done extensive doctoral work in Middle East studies, has lectured on numerous university and other platforms. He has debated many of the best Arab and pro-Arab academics in public debates and on television. Mr. Honigman is widely published in academic journals, magazines, newspapers and other publications.

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Posted by Honigman

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What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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PostSun May 30, 2010 11:18 pm     Beware Buraq's Beckonings...    

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Beware Buraq's Beckonings...
by Gerald A. Honigman

Alright...We've all now had some time to reflect upon the proposed new mosque slated to be erected several stones' throws away from Ground Zero in Manhattan. Comments have ranged from rage over the mere thought of such a development to support in the name of religious freedom and the like.

Whatever one's take on this, please understand that there is, most definitely, a deliberate agenda at work here. Creating a fifteen story mosque and Islamic Center so close to the site where almost three thousand people were murdered in the name of Islam will, undoubtedly, be sending a clear message to all whose senses are intact...especially Muslims. They will see that mosque and know, without doubt, what message it will be sending.

While Islam/Muslims are not the only religion/people who have behaved this way, Islamic conquest has often historically involved, among other things, converting important non-Muslim religious and other symbols and sites into Islamic ones--especially if the non-Muslims dared to offer resistance to their assorted Muslim imperial conquerors. For some fourteen centuries now, such conversions have helped to mark the triumph of the Dar ul-Islam over the Dar al-Harb (the realm of war).

Given the persistence and public awareness of the Arab-Israeli conflict, a key example from the latter should prove to be enlightening...

After the Arab Muslim conquest of the Holy Land by the caliph, Umar, structures erected on top of King Solomon's temple in Jerusalem, known as the Temple Mount, would later be declared to be Islamic holy sites. The magnificent shrine, the Dome of the Rock, sits above the very stone where Jews believe Abraham prepared to sacrifice Isaac. It is also widely believed to stand directly over the site of the Holy of Holies of both the first and second Jewish Temples.

Today, Arabs deny that a temple of the Jews ever existed in Jerusalem, and they call the remnant of the Second Temple still standing after the Roman destruction after the Jews' revolts for freedom, the Western ("Wailing") Wall, al-buraq instead--after the Islamic prophet Muhammad's, winged horse (with the head of a woman). Muhammad supposedly tethered al-buraq to the wall prior to his ascent to the Temple Mount and his later flight to Heaven.

Nowadays, during discussions and negotiations about Jerusalem, Arabs refuse to acknowledge any Jewish connections to it at all.

The Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque represent a major victory of Islam over the very people whose religion gave to the world the very knowledge of G_d in the first place.

The mosque and Islamic Center now being planned adjacent to the hallowed 9/11grounds of the Twin Towers will likewise be a monument to Islamic triumph over another major symbol within the Dar al-Harb.

Regardless of those who choose to live in LaLa Land (including, to no great surprise, those Jewish officials and board members who voted to support the mosque), jihad--holy war--is the means by which the Dar al-Harb is most often converted into the Dar ul-Islam.

Look for a spectacular site to be erected--like the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem--with copious funds pouring in from a whole assortment of Arab petro-potentates and the like. As my wife put it, "if they really want to make a statement, let them pour their money into helping to build a monument to those that were murdered or into a fund helping the families that were victimized instead."

Elisabeth, my dear---don't hold your breath.

While all peoples have a right to erect places of worship in our tolerant country, the specific and politically meaningful circumstances surrounding this sensitive situation should nip this deliberate attempt to stick a jihadist thumb into our collective American eye in the bud--despite attempts by some of President Obama's own staff to wax philosophical about the allegedly "real" meaning of jihad itself these days.

Build the mosque elsewhere...



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