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Barry Shaw made aliyah from Manchester, England with his family. He spent eleven years on various kibbutzim, ending up at Mishmar HaSharon, the same kibbutz that served as home to Ehud Barak. After leaving the kibbutz for Netanya, Barry Shaw set up a busy real estate office in Netanya. A former believer in the Oslo process.

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What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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PostTue Jul 19, 2005 7:59 am     The Islamic Trojan Horse    

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The View from Here

The Islamic Trojan Horse.

Dear British reader,

At a risk of being arrested under your new racial and religious law when I next visit your country, may I draw your attention to the poison coming out of the mosques of the Middle East, and the madrassahs of Pakistan.

This incitement to real hatred is being spouted AFTER the London terror (oops! sorry, bombings. It is politically incorrect in your country to describe the murdering Muslim bastards as terrorists!).

Your privileges and benefits have been exploited and abused by many. You politicians have been guilty of opening the gates to the danger that is deeply imbedded in your society. They have allowed the Trojan Horse of radical Islam into your country.

In fact, your politicians have not only invited, sanctioned, and promoted these radical Islamic imams to preach their message of hate in Britain, some have become advocates in their program to change the face of Britain with Islamic and Shari'a practises. Islam uses figures such as Galloway and Livingstone. They use institutions such as the Trades Unions, and AUT. They change laws in Britain that will muzzle the voice of protest against their encroachment into British society. Due to its laws and EU regulations it is fighting this enemy with one hand tied behind its back.

And when the bombers strike and the local Islamic leaders cry out that they are the victims, the benign and decent Brits sigh in sympathy with their Muslim citizens. Questions are asked. No profound answers are given. And those with heavy responsibility and guilt go unpunished.

Then there appears more no-go areas where a British bobby fears to tread and where a normal member of the community would never dream to enter for fear of attack. More demands will be made to change laws and standards that will keep the Moslem population calm. Their numbers continue to grow. Their representation in town halls and in Parliament will increase where local and national politicians will reflect their demands and further advocate their programs.

Yet, despite the beneficial advantages of being in Britain, they will continue to protest social unrest.Their youth will express their discontent with rage and lawlessness. The Islamic exhoration of world domination and the extermination of unbelievers and infidels will be relayed and distributed throughout Britain.

Jews will feel increasing isolated and in danger. Their cemetaries and centres increasingly vandalised. They will be attacked, scorned, and abused, and will choose to find shelter elsewhere.

As leaders call for peace and harmony in this multicultural nation, as they appease the growing Muslim numbers, more local attacks, more violence, more divisions will occur as a frustrated British population decry the changes and rifts in their society.

Britain has a proud history of challenging and defeating the external enemy. It is floundering to come to terms with the dangers within. No appeasement, no social benefits, no kind words over a cup of tea, will detract a determined and growing section of Britain from achieving their goal.

The only solution is to adopt the Islamic dhimmi attitude of submissiveness and help them achieve their aims. To deny them, to challenge them, means death.

That is the message of the London terror outrage. Now read on....This, my friend, is the tip of the iceberg.

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