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What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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PostSat Apr 13, 2013 1:01 pm     Explosive Video: 3-Year Olds Used By Arabs As Camel Jockeys    

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Three-Year Old Kids Used By Arabs As Camel Jockeys…
by Gerald A. Honigman

When they cry, they make the camels run faster.

But, hey, what’s wrong with that?

Let’s scream at Jews for building a security barrier to prevent other Arabs from blowing up Jewish babes instead…or Jews wanting to live in a state wider than the length of some Texas driveways (http://saveisraelcampaign.com/.....le_id=9153).

Now ask yourselves, did you ever hear about any of this–and if not, why not?

Three guesses and the first two don’t count.

Not a peep in academia, nor in the mainstream media, and, for sure, none, zilch, nada from the State Department–folks in bed with ARAMCO for over half century (http://www.geraldahonigman.com.....s-it-that/).

Where are the accusatory editorials and op-eds which The New York Times fires at will at the Jew of the Nations? Where are the cries from NPR? Where are the UN’s condemnations? Where’s the finger pointing in the Ivory Tower? Where are all of the assorted human rights organizations?

If the alleged evil doesn’t involve nasty Zionists, rarely a word…

It took millions of dead black Africans–and many others maimed, enslaved, turned into refugees, and so forth–before the south of the Sudan got justice, with Darfur in the west’s still to come. This sickening list goes on and on.

Whatever, let’s complain about the “Jew Lobby” some more. Just ask Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

Is it any wonder why those of us who truly want (relative) justice for all parties in the region dismiss criticism from the duplicitous hypocrites who routinely just single out Israel?

Guess which country has been condemned by the United Nations and the “Progressives” of the world the most–with manure like what you will see in the videos going on constantly? Imagine if Jews were doing such things. Would silence win the day in the typical college classroom? Would the ink run dry in your typical newspaper editor’s pen?

While, as a former card-carrying member of the London-based Anti-Slavery Society and via other activities and research I have known of similar nightmares for decades, I had to dig deeply for the information…it was not freely offered or accessible. Again, never a word spoken by any academics who were rarely shy about such things as “Zionist racism,” “Israeli apartheid,” and such. Just ask folks like Juan Cole, Rashid Khalidi, and John Esposto for example.

But still, the camel jockey stuff–even I had not heard of this before.

I have to thank my friend, the writer, Tabitha Korol, for alerting me to this. She, in turn, put me in touch with new friends, the Caseys, who lived in Thailand when a scandal erupted there in the 1990s over this very issue.

Follow this paraphrased quote from Maureen…

“OK … We were living in Bangkok when there was a great scandal. Arabs were buying babies who were to be strapped to camels when they raced. It seemed that, per the local news reports, that babies’ screams excited the camels and made them run faster… What happened to the babies after the race was never revealed. We were THERE when it all went on…”

Tabitha, who researched this herself, next responded…

“What happened to those children? I can tell you. If they survived the brutality and the effort to underfeed them to keep them light so that the camels can run faster, they were undoubtedly sodomized and enslaved, Islamized and used as another warrior for Allah. They could also have been sent to the special schools for suicide bombers. So that’s their lot in life. The parents got a sum of money, perhaps food for an entire week…for giving up their little children.”

My own book, http://q4j-middle-east.com, delves into similar troubling issues–ones too often deliberately ignored elsewhere. And here is one of many other accounts related to such things as well. Scroll down to the 19th picture below to see Berber Autumn… http://www.campus-watch.org/quotes_2.php

The explosive event, dealing with the same type of problem, described next took place at the height of the UN’s “Zionism Equals Racism” orgy–so note the play on words in the title. This version is from David Horowitz’ Front Page Magazine and, to my great pleasure, if you scroll down in WikiLinks, it was also later showcased as the lead article on Arab racism:



Now, please watch, very carefully, the videos made by a very brave soul below and ask yourselves how such things could be going on without a peep from the vast majority of the assorted, self-appointed moralists of the world. “Apartheid Israel” Jimmy Carter, for example, just received an award from folks in a major Jewish university. When will his next book come out about such things as what you will be seeing below–while kapo Jews continue to kiss his derriere?

Please contact your local university, the United Nations, NPR, The New York Times, the BBC, your favorite allegedly “Liberal” bleeding hearts, and other would-be sources of ethical enlightenment and demand that they speak out– or keep their mouths shut about anything at all that an admittedly imperfect Israel is forced to do in order to survive what the Arabs and their soul mates still have in store for it.




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