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MidEastTruth.com - the first 13 yearsMidEastTruth.com
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What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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PostSun Nov 04, 2012 11:45 pm     'Arabism is racism!'    

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America In Iraq - Page 96 - Kamal Mirawdeli - 2005
The Kurdish people in Syria has been subjected to racist Arabist policies since 1962.
[Page 98]
Another aspect of racist ruling Arabist ideology is the persecution of other ethnic groups and minorities. The racist Arabist ideology does not recognize the existence of other nations and ethnic and cultural groups within Arab countries... The racist Arabist ideology is so reactionary and aggressive that it is easily transformed into a repressive violent practice ...
[Page 191]
But as this group, or these groups, comprised mainly Arabs including previous Ba 'athists, Iraqi generals and Iraqi technocrats immersed in racist Arabism and anti- Kurd prejudices, it was natural that all their arguments and scenarios were ...

Global affairs - Volume 6, Issue 1 - Page 121 - International Security Council - 1991
...religious Moslem and racist Arab instincts against every other people...

Sudan - An Analysis of the British Colonial Policy and its Legacy - Page 9 - Sophie Duhnkrack - 2010
However, its overwhelming consequences are visible in the Darfurian drama; racial and racist Arabism, which increasingly characterizes the conflict in Darfur, reflects a hierarchy of potency that originates from the unequal power relations the ...

Scandinavian journal of development alternatives - Volume 12 - Page 263 - Institute for Alternative Development Research - 1993
... atrocities visited on black Africans there, pales into insignificance when measured against African resistance against racist Arabism currently being practiced in such places as Mauritania, Sudan and Algeria. ^For instance, mass deportations ...

Arab-Israeli Conflict: A History - Page 195 - Ian J. Bickerton, Michael Naylor Pearson - 1993
Indeed, the necessity for Israel has, they say, been reaffirmed even since its founding. It has served as a refuge for Oriental Jews expelled by racist Arab governments,...

Peace Now: blueprint for national suicide - Page 126 - Dan Nimrod - 1984
"Peace Now" endorsement of the same platform thus enhances hypocrisy and legitimizes racist Arab campaigns against Israel. Except for "Peace Now", few of the hearts that bleed for Palestinian Arab "homelessness" take that cause seriously, ...

Commentary - Volume 62 - American Jewish Committee - 1976
not only a spirited and politically adroit Israel is needed, but also American Churchills to educate their countrymen. ... Just as we built up Japan so that it could attack us, we are now, to an even greater degree, arming such racist Arab countries ...

Israel digest - Volume 21 - Page 84 - 1978
... the reactionary oppressive neo- imperialist anti-socialist semi- feudal chauvanist colonialist militaristic pseudo-fascist not to say racist Arab rulers who refused to recognise the right ... Jewish theme was written by a recent immigrant to Israel.

Bidoun: a quarterly forum for Middle Eastern talent - Volume 1, Issues 2-5 - Page 105 - 2004
... from Basra to Kurdistan, the film becomes something of a road movie, pitting a racist Arab driver against the Kurdish dreamer. ... The first Israel-Jordan co- production on record, the film begins with a draining ten-minute close-up of Natalie ...

War of Visions: Conflict of Identities in the Sudan - Page 438 - Francis Mading Deng - 1995
Muhammad al-Fateh of the Umma party combined refutation of the racial argument based on the physical makeup of the Sudan and the classic definition of Arabism on cultural grounds with an admission of the existence of problems, including ...

The Arabs and Africa (Rle: The Arab Nation) - Page 88 - Khair El-Din Haseeb - 2012
The answer is that the spread of Arabism and its cultural dimensions, and the spread of Islam and its civilising role, were mutually reinforcing. ... The issue of Arab racism should be studied by examining our own references and sources.

The Myth of the Jewish Race - Page 187 - Raphael Patai, Jennifer Patai - 1989
In 1960 the French Comite d' Action de Defense De- mocratique published a pamphlet titled Racism and Pan-Arabism: A Conspiracy against Human Liberties, which asserts in its introduction that "anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are but two faces of one and the same coin."... This is followed by a paper by Shlomo Friedrich on "Pan-Arabism: A New Racist Menace?" which offers a sharp critique of Nasser's book The Philosophy of the Revolution, and terms it "a mere pale imitation of Hitler's Mein Kampf."]S Thus both ...


Africa events - Volume 7 - Page 21 - 191
"You are Arabs, but you have yet to understand Islam. Learn it!" Another strong voice was Rashid Ghannoushi, the leader of the Islamic Tendency in Tunisia, who is now living in exile. To him, Arabism is racism, pure and simple. Therefore to ...

Out of step: life-story of a politician : politics and religion in a world at war - Page 112
Jack Brian Bloom - 2005
"Arabism is racism" would have been an interesting debating topic. The OIC countries were very clever in how they deflected the slavery issue that could so easily have been turned on them with a vengeance. The Arab slave trade from Africa started eight centuries earlier than that by European countries and finished many years later. Over the centuries, something like 11 million people were shipped across the Atlantic from Africa as slaves, and 14 million African slaves were taken across the Sahara Desert or shipped through to Islamic countries in Africa and the Middle East. Mortality rates were even higher among those who were walked across the burning sands of the Sahara than among those subjected to the horrors of the Atlantic crossing. Conditions which made for low birth rates and high mortality as ...

Jewish affairs - Volumes 60-61 - Page 56 - South African Jewish Board of Deputies - 2005
As he points out, and illustrates with copious examples, "Arabism is racism" would have been a far more interesting debating topic at Durban. The fundamentally discriminatory nature of Islamic societies throughout history ( even during the "Golden Age" of Spanish Jewry under Muslim rule, Jews were far from having equal) and up until the present day continues to be downplayed or ...


KurdishMedia.com: News about Kurds and Kurdistan‎
kurdmedia.comFeb 3, 2007
The Syrian system is no more than a Bathist replica of Saddam's regime in its racist, Arabist oppressive approach to Kurdish people in West Kurdistan. Despite ...


Is criticism of Israel on issues of rights, pluralism, equality and minorities justified given the historic and regional context of the state? - Page 8 -
Kathrin Nina Wiedl - GRIN Verlag, 2006
Arabs got pulled-out of Israel during the 48-war, which was started by Arab countries, but this was not intended but a reaction on the situation of war and struggle for survival. Israel, Israel, however, is neither colonial nor racist, Arab Israelis enjoy equal rights and the idea of a Jewish state including the law of return is still justified. Regarding the situation of the Misrachim, we can conclude that they were used during the big ...




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MidEastTruth.com - the first 13 yearsMidEastTruth.com
The first 13 years!


What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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PostSat Nov 10, 2012 2:09 am     Now, if you'd like to see the Arabism Equals Racism article    

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which did much to prompt this discussion over six years ago in Front Page Magazine, check this out...


All my best,





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