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What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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PostThu Oct 08, 2015 6:09 am     US Ambassador pays a condolence visit, receives an unexpected letter    

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Ambassador Shapiro pays a condolence visit, receives an unexpected letter
October 8, 2015

US Ambassador Dan Shapiro paid a condolence visit to the Henkin family. Rabbi Eitan Henkin and his wife Naama were murdered last week in front of their four young children.

Rabbi Eitan Henkin z"l was also an American citizen.

Rabbi Henkin's brother, Dr. Yagil Henkin, who holds a military history PhD, gave his own, unexpected letter of condolence to the US Ambassador:

I have to offer you my sincere condolences, Ambassador Shapiro.

It is your duty, after all to explain on a daily basis an unexplainable and unjustifiable policy.

You have to defend a US government which on the one hand demanded that Israel should not free Palestinian terrorists with American blood on their hands, and on the other hand demanded that Israel will free Palestinian terrorists with Israeli blood on their hand. Apart from the blatant hypocrisy the US government has seemed to forget that by doing so it raised the chances that more people, among them US citizens like my brother Eitam, would be murdered at the hands of cold blooded terrorists.

You have to defend a government that appeases its enemies and pressures its friends; A government that decided that its army will "no longer be sized to conduct large-scale, prolonged stability operations", when apparently the government itself is no longer sized to conduct prolonged operations or policy of any sort, perhaps explaining how chemical weapons continued to be used in Syria and how Russia got back into the middle east with a vengeance.

You have to defend a government which focuses more on Timetables than on results, succeeding in pulling out forces but and almost nothing else.

You have defend a government that was so full of itself, that in 2009 it let Rahm Emmanuel declare that that "in the next four years there is going to be a permanent status arrangement between Israel and the Palestinians… and it doesn't matter to us at all who is prime minister". How unfortunate it was that the Arab-Israel conflict cannot be solved by pulling US troops out and declaring that the war has been won.

And now we have Mr. Putin and co. making fun of the US in the Crimea, sending a clear message to the whole world not to trust America's assurances and guarantees. We have him in Syria too. In 2012, President Obama has ridiculed senator McCain when the latter said that Russia is a bigger geopolitical threat than al-Qaeda. " The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back", said the president. Well, now the 1980s are calling once again, to ask if we, if the US, if the current administrations needs them to lend us some leadership, since apparently they had way more than we have today, and we have less than we need.

You Ambassador Shapiro, have to defend all that and more. It is a heavy burden for any honest man. I offer you my sincere condolences.



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