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Gerald Honigman is a Florida educator who has done extensive doctoral work in Middle East studies, has lectured on numerous university and other platforms. He has debated many of the best Arab and pro-Arab academics in public debates and on television. Mr. Honigman is widely published in academic journals, magazines, newspapers and other publications.

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Posted by Honigman

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What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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PostFri Aug 19, 2011 1:24 pm     Targeting The Snake...    

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Targeting The Snake...

by Gerald A. Honigman

I like snakes...really. I even had some as pets when I was a kid.

They are definitely misunderstood creatures and play an extremely important role in nature's balance. Imagine what the rodent population would be like, as just one example, without them.

Having said this, I can't help but recall a common negative expression involving snakes in light of the Arabs' recent act of bravery against Jews riding on civilian buses in Israel--killing at least eight and wounding dozens of others. That follows other such courageous exploits as decapitating a three month old infant and slitting throats of her young siblings and parents as they slept; murdering a father at prayer at a holy shrine; stopping a car and murdering the kids strapped in their car seats as well as their pregnant mother; etc., etc., etc. The list goes on, and keep in mind that these Jewish civilians were deliberately targeted--they were not victims due to someone else using them as human shields, as is the case with Arab civilian deaths.

The expression I am of course refering to deals with attacking the head rather than the body of the snake--meaning eliminating the main control center of a given problem rather than its foot soldiers.

A number of years back, I recall Israel National News/Arutz Sheva quoting Brig.-Gen. (res.) Tzvika Fogel as stating that Israel was acting irresponsibly by not reacting to Arab attacks strongly enough. Fogel called for Israel to operate under a new equation.

Finally...someone again talking some sense!

Yet, today, years later, far too often, Israel still responds to attacks on its civilians by targeting empty buildings or tunnels. At times, Defense Minister Ehud Barak has used more force on Jews wanting to live a tad beyond their designated 9-mile wide ghetto of a state than he has used on attacking Arabs.

What has become the international rule of thumb is that Jews are supposed to put up with manure that no other nation would be expected to tolerate.

Think what would happen if Mexico was continuously shelling Texan civilians. Not long ago, America bombed the Hades out of some areas in Iraq near the Syrian border because of similar problems.

I recall a presentation I heard a while back by one of those Israeli security experts whom many folks are listening to these days.

While what he said was on target, it was not enough.

Look, anyone who is surprised at the mess that is now Gaza has to be an idiot. That especially includes those of the Hebrew variety.

Gaza was a test--and the Arabs flunked it badly. To those with functioning neurons, imagine what's in store for Israel's main population centers in the nation's narrow, 9 to 15-mile wide waist if Israel agrees to a similar unilateral withdrawl to the '49 armistice lines on that central front.

So I'll assume that, despite all the expressions of shock at seeing a massive influx of arms being smuggled into the area, continued rocket and mortar attacks originating from Gaza, huge demonstrations by Hamas in honor of their "victories," and so forth, the conscious among us knew quite well what to expect.

The destruction of a Jewish Israel, after all, remains the openly-admitted goal of Fatah's Mahmoud Abbas and his fellow State Department alleged "moderate" Arafatian good cops as well as the Hamas and Islamic Jihadnik bad cops. The reality, of course, is that when it comes to the subject of Israel, they differ with each other--sometimes--simply over tactics...Bombed buses bring bad press. And Arafat's Swiss bank accounts are indeed pays well to be "the moderates."

Quite some time ago I wrote "Too Predictable" (
). It's last incarnation, "Lose The Predictability" ( ), further developed what needs to be done about all of this.

Returning somewhat disappointed from that presentation, I next came across two articles from The Jerusalem Post and Haaretz reporting that dozens of Arabs were killed and injured at one of those famous Hamas rallies in an explosion and that the IAF, in a separate incident, went on the attack against virtually empty buildings (yet again)...supposedly targeting weapons facilities in response to new Arab Qassam rocket attacks on Jews. As we've seen above, General Fogel has the same problems that I do regarding this approach to retaliation.

While there's something to be said about the virtues of cutting off the head of the snake, there comes a point where more serious attention must be paid to the body too.

In Too Predictable, I pondered why, for instance, if buses, restaurants, schools, and such--filled with Jewish civilians--are legitimate targets for Arabs, then what are rallies filled with armed Arabs, calling for death to the Jews and attended by those already with Jewish blood on their hands or future wannabes, for Israel ? Such massive jihadi gatherings are conducted all the time...

It boggles my mind when hundreds or thousands of Arabs, whose fervent goal is the murder of Jews (the more innocent, the better--as in the recent bus attacks) and their sole, resurrected state, conduct one of their massive bloodlust parties, why they are not taken out en masse by those whom they aim to butcher...An ounce of prevention--especially when the disease is so predictable--is indeed worth a ton of cure. The Arab aim in the recent attack near Eilat was to kill as many innocent Jews as possible--and they did slaughter, maim, and injure dozens.

The Israeli security expert mentioned above bragged about Israel's record of decapitating multiple heads of the Hamas snake.

While this is all well and good (though that hasn't been done lately--in fact, some Hamas leaders and activists have recently been released from prison), the head can't operate without a functioning body.

So, Israel must vary its tactics from time to time to also send a message to the murderous pawns whose job is to slaughter as many Jews as possible: You will all be minced and fried as one giant omelet.

While it's true that suicide bombers may not worry much about such eventualities, and that violence may breed yet more violence, it's also true that unilateral moves for peace by Jews have not worked either. They have been seen by Arabs merely as signs of weakness. Israel's unilateral withdrawal from Gaza (and Lebanon) was seen in this same light, a victory in the Arabs' post-'67, openly proclaimed destruction-in-stages scenario planned for Israel. And every time Israel loosened up on security check points at the prodding of the U.S. State Department, it got thanked by additional slaughter of its innocents.

So, friends, here's the deal...

It's time to give substantial, calculated, preemptive Jewish violence a chance.

Israel did not wait for Arabs to carry out their murderous plans in June 1967 before it acted to do what needed to be done. There's a lesson there for today as well.

A few substantial, well placed bombs--not limited, targeted missile strikes where it costs many thousands of dollars to just take out one disemboweler or destroy one empty tunnel of hundreds of others that exist--will do the job nicely. It's often predictable where and when those bloodlust rallies will occur, so I'm sure that such proper greeting cards can be arranged for them. As I've stated earlier, the strike must be as unpredictable as possible. And mere tit for tat responses do not work well here.

The same way Israelis are forced to live never knowing which bus, school, town, or restaurant will be the next targeted, Arabs must understand that the days where the Jews fight with one hand tied behind their backs are over as well.

Israel has caved in to one suicidal concession after the other, pushed on it by the world at large--but especially by its "friends." This is occurring (or is on the verge of occurring) right at this very moment on a number of crucial issues.

For true peace, no stone must be left unturned...but if you believe that that's what Israel is being offered by the Arabs, I have some real estate in the Sahara Desert that I'd like to sell you.

So, it's time for Arabs to learn true, unpredictable fear...

Right now, Arabs are convinced that Jews will worry about what the hypocrites elsewhere will say if they dared to respond as they should. This must come to an end. And the blood of any human shield Arab non-combatants killed in the area used by their brothers to launch attacks against Jews will be on the shoulders of the Arabs themselves.

I don't know if Israel had any part in the earlier explosion mentioned above at that Hamas rally in Gaza. The IDF said absolutely not...

But I do know that if large numbers of Arabs (who outnumber Jews about, do the math to see what's needed) start dying themselves for rallying around their goal to slaughter Jews, then they may think twice about what their real objective maybe ought to be: building a better future for their own people (in their 22nd Arab state) rather then denying another tiny nation's right to also live in peace and dignity.



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