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Gerald Honigman is a Florida educator who has done extensive doctoral work in Middle East studies, has lectured on numerous university and other platforms. He has debated many of the best Arab and pro-Arab academics in public debates and on television. Mr. Honigman is widely published in academic journals, magazines, newspapers and other publications.

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Posted by Honigman

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What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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PostMon Jan 03, 2011 9:22 pm     Who Should You Believe?    

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One Side Perpetually Lies…So Who Should You Believe?
by Gerald A. Honigman

I’ll never forget the first days of the Six Day War in 1967 when Arabs claimed they had shot down hundreds of Israeli planes, that American planes (not Israeli) had later destroyed Arab aircraft, etc., etc., etc.

After putting up with murderous Arab terror squads deliberately targeting Jewish civilians and then hiding behind their own civilians in Jenin (a double war crime), in 2002 Israel finally went after the killers--house-to-house, to limit civilian casualties instead of leveling it from the air or with artillery (as Arabs have handled their own “problems” a la Black September, the Hama Solution, Operation Anfal, and so forth).

Arabs then claimed that hundreds or thousands of civilians were massacred by the Jews. The latter were accused of atrocities, with much of the world joining in the condemnations

It turned out that a total of 52 Arabs died--most of them gunmen--along with 23 Israeli soldiers who were killed precisely because the Jews went in house-to-house to limit Arab deaths. Saeb Erekat, a PA official, claimed 500 Arabs were slaughtered in an April 10, 2002 phone interview with CNN. Keep him in mind, for he is a specialist in what this brief analysis is all about. To see more about this important topic, please see


As 2010 came to a close, Arabs claimed that a woman died as a result of Israeli tear gas aimed at Arab demonstrators/rioters in Samaria, aka the northern “West Bank.” Our friend above, Saeb Erekat, called it “a war crime.” It turns out that Jawaher Abu Rahma, the alleged victim, was not even present at the demonstration. She had been lying in a hospital bed for ten days dying of cancer--not tear gas inhalation--before passing away.

The three incidents cited above are but a tiny fraction of the blatant lies Arabs have told to an either absurdly naïve world or one which deliberately wants to believe, in a post-Auschwitz age, that Jews can be as bad as their many historical, world-wide persecutors have been.

Much has been written about the age-old Arab doctrine of taqiyya--deliberate lying for the cause.

While Israel--like all nations--is not perfect, the world has been far too willing, especially given the above, to believe the worst, time after time, that the Arabs claim about the Jewish State.

Time after time, Arabs and their Leftist supporters have been caught with egg on their faces (via actual video footage and so forth)--whether the subject is the allegedly peaceful Turkish flotilla mission to Gaza, the dhimmi Goldstone’s report on the 2008 war with Hamas, or whatever.

Is it not far past the time to hold Arabs accountable for their deliberate lies aimed to delegitimize Israel, or does the rest of the world really want to prove that it is indeed an accomplice to such Arab schemes?




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