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What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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PostFri Nov 05, 2010 7:47 am     Countering radical Islam in France    

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Exclusive interview with Maxime Lépante, undercover Islamization fighter!

1. What made you get involved in countering radical Islam in France?

For me, as for many people, 9/11 was a turning point. It was the proof that Muslim terrorists will stop at nothing to kill as many people as possible. I began to read more and more about Islam and its threat, in the books and in the news. Then, in July 2009, I witnessed, in the heart of Paris, my beloved town, thousands of Muslims taking over 4 streets, and praying on the pavement.

2. What have you done as part of these efforts?

In August 2009, I joined Riposte Laïque, a French secular organization dedicated to fight islamization. I bought a hidden camera, and went in the 18th district of Paris, to videotape those illegal Muslim prayers, which take place there each Friday, only 500 meters away from Sacré-Coeur, a big and famous church. In one year, I have produced 40 videos showing this scandal, and I have uploaded them on our French YouTube channel. I also wrote more than 80 articles denouncing this scandal. Finally, one week ago, I opened a new channel on YouTube, totally in English, on which I have already uploaded 5 of my videos translated in English. I’m planning to translate and upload on this channel 30 other videos showing the illegal Muslim prayers in Paris, in the coming months, with the help of a professional translator.

3. How do you define radical Islam? How is it different than Islam?

Radical Islam equals Mohammed plus the Koran, and Mohammed plus the Koran equals Islam, so radical Islam and Islam essentially are the same thing. The only difference is that radical Muslims don’t hesitate to kill, while standard Muslims don’t usually kill. But both share the same goal: to impose Islam on the world by establishing a worldwide caliphate under shariah, Islamic law.

4. What was the most shocking thing you discovered in your fight against radical Islam?

Everything in radical Islam is shocking, and therefore everything in Islam is shocking, since Islam is the doctrine of radical Islam. I watched some horrendous videos of Muslims slaughtering and beheading men and women, and many photos of Afghan women disfigured by sulfuric acid, I read about all those good Muslim fathers who suddenly butcher their daughters because they haven’t made their prayer or because they have put some lipstick on… The list could go forever.

5. What do you think the government could and should do to help stop radical Islam?

Shariah law has to be denounced as fascism and banned from all the Free World. Governments have to arrest and expel all Muslims who refuse to denounce shariah law. Immigration from Muslim countries shall be completely stopped. Islamic finance has to be banned, and all money transfers from Muslim countries forbidden.

6. Is radical Islam something that should concern everyone? Why or why not?

Radical Islam’s aim, the same as Islam’s aim, is to submit or kill every human being. So everyone is at risk and should be concerned.

7. You may not be a prophet, but do you think radical Islam will ever be stopped?

Yes, radical Islam, and its doctrine, Islam, will be stopped. There are 5 times more non-Muslims than Muslims in the world, and the fastest growing religion is Christianity, not Islam. So the Muslims don’t have demography on their side, contrary to what the mainstream media say. But this will not be an easy task. Many people are killed by Muslims around the world and many more people may die before Islam is stopped.

8. What’s the danger of radical Islam to the typical person?

The first danger is simply to be killed. Then, to be maimed or hurt in a bombing. Then, to be threatened to be killed if the person refuses to convert to Islam. Then, to be raped, if the person is a woman wearing a skirt. And so on.

9. How could the average person help fight radical Islam?

There are many way to fight radical Islam, and its doctrine, Islam. First is to inform people of the danger, like what does. You can make personal inquiries about illegal actions committed by Muslims, like I do with my hidden camera. Contact the MSM and ask them to report the truth about Islam, and to stop to ban the words “Muslims” and “Islam” when Muslims commit a crime or a bombing, as they often do. Tell your elected official to fight shariah. Demonstrate against political leaders who are siding with Muslims, and are therefore traitors. Vote for political leaders who are aware of the threat that the Free World is facing.

10. You have an opportunity to tell something to our 45,000+ subscribers. What do you wish you to say?

I want to say that we, people of the Free World, are facing a threat even bigger than what Nazism was. The more we wait to fight back, the more innocent people will die, killed by Muslims. This is an existential battle. No less. I want to survive, do you?



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