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Gerald Honigman is a Florida educator who has done extensive doctoral work in Middle East studies, has lectured on numerous university and other platforms. He has debated many of the best Arab and pro-Arab academics in public debates and on television. Mr. Honigman is widely published in academic journals, magazines, newspapers and other publications.

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Posted by Honigman

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What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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PostWed Jun 20, 2007 1:28 pm     Partners...The Ultimate Trojan Horse    

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Partners…The Ultimate Trojan Horse

by Gerald A. Honigman

Caroline Glick’s masterpiece, Grounded In Fantasy, appeared in the June 18th edition of the Jerusalem Post. It is must reading for all interested in what’s happening in Gaza and beyond these days.

While many of us have been writing about these things, the gal definitely has a way with words. I was almost convinced not to write this piece, since between what I and others penned earlier and Glick’s recent column, all bases--for heads not buried ostrich-style in the sand--should have been already covered.

Leave it to the Associated Press and Israel’s Prime Minister Olmert, however, to convince me otherwise…

On the same day Glick’s editorial appeared, Olmert was quoted in an AP article stating that Israel would be a “genuine partner” of a new Palestinian government and promised to consider releasing millions of dollars in frozen tax funds to it.

As has repeatedly been pointed out, there’s no real difference between what our State Department would have us believe to be Abbas’s latter day Arafatian good cops and Hamas’s bad cops.

There is no doubt that both seek the destruction of the State of the Jews. And both have been honest about this (Hamas more than Fatah). Abbas’s boys simply play the game better for Western consumption to gain all kinds of support--and, again, have said so.

Why won’t the Foggy Folks listen? And President Bush?

As has been repeated often--but not sinking in to those creating the fiction of Fatah “moderates”--Abbas’s folks have called any and all dealings with the Jews merely a Trojan Horse, each unilateral concession gained from Israel since the Oslo fiasco bringing them one step closer in their admitted destruction in stages plans. Pressured by its American friends, Israel’s weak leaders have, unfortunately, played along with this dangerous game.

With Hamas now in control in Gaza--and in possession of huge quantities of American military equipment, besides what’s being smuggled freely via Egypt from other (especially Iranian) sources--President Bush and the State Department are now pressing for the Jews to allow Judea and Samaria (the "West Bank") to be turned into another Gaza.

But, it will be said that Fatah and Abbas are different…

Who’s kidding whom here?

Fatah’s goals for creating “Palestine” from the River to the Sea have never changed…and won’t.

Forcing Israel back to its 1949, 9-mile wide armistice line existence will simply bring most of its population and industry within easy range of Fatah’s American weapons. And that, along with the moderate Abbas’s pledge that he’ll never stop demanding that Israel agree to be swamped by millions of alleged “returning” jihadist refugees, makes any such “deal ” a joke. Fatah and its affiliates have as much or more Jewish blood on their hands as Hamas.

What does Israel get for this proposed “partnership?”

A hudna…ceasefire. As the Arafatians--not Hamas--like to point out, the same thing their prophet, Muhammad, granted to his enemies until he was strong enough to conquer them. And this is not to say that an actual treaty with Fatah would be worth the paper it would be written on considering the agreements Abbas’s “moderates” have already reneged upon…before the ascendancy of Hamas.

Unfortunately, the same questions need to be repeatedly asked over and over again…

Where is the evidence the Foggy Folks offer for Fatah’s alleged moderation and acceptance of a permanent Jewish State as its neighbor?

Are Fatah’s web sites, schools, mosques, television and radio stations, press, etc. and so forth spreading this message of “acceptance” around to their own people--whom poll after poll show that, if Israel withdrew from all of the disputed lands, would mostly seek Israel’s destruction anyway?

No, they definitely are not.

Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines partner as a person who takes part in some activity in common with another…sharing its profits and risks.

Unfortunately, as we saw once again in that AP article, the wrong party once again jumped at the opportunity at “partnership” here.

Olmert still lives the leftist fantasy of Arabs giving up their claim of virtually the entire region as being part of the Dar ul-Islam and/or purely Arab patrimony.

Please, Arabs, what can we do to make you accept us?


With Fatah’s chestnuts now at least temporarily being pulled out of the Hamas fire, one might think that Abbas would be seeking a real partnership with Israel himself.

“No! He can’t do that,” some will say, “it will make him a traitor!”


Israel will be suicidal granting such huge concessions in land, aid, and so forth to folks who still can’t reconcile with the right of Jews to have in one, tiny, reborn state what Arabs insist upon having almost two dozen of for themselves. It’s bad enough that many others (i.e. America) are now insisting upon this; the Jews, themselves, don’t have to be a “partner” in this endeavor. Who will stop, for example, that independent Fatahland from importing all kinds of sophisticated arms and placing them right in Israel’s backyard? Don’t count on the Foggy Folks or anyone else…

While we’re discussing meanings, Arabs must learn what the word “compromise” is all about--especially the territorial variety--if anything more is expected to be handed to them, once again, by the Jews.

And fagetabout millions of alleged Arab refugees "returning" to overwhelm the Jews in a 9-mile wide Israel. Again, this is something the moderate Abbas says he'll never concede. Recall that more Jewish refugees fled Arab/Muslim lands (and left far more property and wealth behind) than Arabs who fled in the opposite direction due to fighting Arabs started themselves.

No more Arab sweet talk in exchange for concrete, Israeli concessions that bare the necks of Jewish kids to those who repeatedly and deliberately target them.

Unfortunately, Abbas’s idea of partnership means getting the gift of the ultimate Trojan Horse handed to him: The Jews building up the very folks who will bring about their destruction.

For Fatah, both Jews and Arabs "partner" just for the Arabs' advantage and against the Jews' own interests. Another look at Webster's definition may be in order...

Perhaps that's why it was Olmert obeying Washington by pleading for partnership and not Abbas.



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