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Gerald Honigman is a Florida educator who has done extensive doctoral work in Middle East studies, has lectured on numerous university and other platforms. He has debated many of the best Arab and pro-Arab academics in public debates and on television. Mr. Honigman is widely published in academic journals, magazines, newspapers and other publications.

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Posted by Honigman

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What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?
What is Palestine?
Who are the Palestinians?

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PostTue Jun 12, 2007 11:44 pm     Gaza...Let's Hear It For Hamastan!    

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Let’s Hear It For Hamastan!

by Gerald A. Honigman

As Arab infighting expands in Gaza and much of the world bemoans Mahmoud Abbas and his fellow latter day Arafatians’ setbacks, Israel has reason to be glad.

While I get no pleasure from anyone dying, the fact is that it makes no difference whether it’s Hamas or Fatah’s affiliates murdering Jews. Both have no intention of living peacefully with a permanent Jewish State as their neighbor…whatever their assorted whitewashers say, including the Foggy Folks. And Abbas himself ran on a platform for Israel’s destruction. He and his folks are simply willing to sing the right tune to Western ears to gain support so the international squeeze can be put on the Jews. To its credit, Hamas is more honest about its murderous intent.

Dozens have been killed and wounded as Gaza implodes. If Israel was doing this, imagine the international outcry.

The good news is that even syndicated New York Times columnist, Thomas Friedman, finally seems to get it.

While usually throwing a zinger in regarding alleged moral equivalency regarding Israeli responses to Arab barbarism, in one of his latest pieces he had his aha moment and stated that the Arabs could forget about the Jews handing over the West Bank as they did with Gaza.

Gaza was a test, as many of us have noted, and the Arabs flunked it with flying colors.

And as Friedman finally acknowledged--after years of lecturing Israel about the need for withdrawal from virtually all the disputed territories--it just takes one Arab rocket fired from the West Bank to close down Israel’s main airport. Hundreds have been fired into Israel proper since its withdrawal from Gaza two years ago.

Keep in mind that America has been pressing the Jews to arm or allow arms to reach the sweet-talking Arafatians. Latest reports state that Hamas has confiscated much of these arms and equipment already delivered from Fatah (which has also used them themselves against Jews).The Foggy Folks are just loaded with such shaft the Jews ideas.

Any Israeli leader who continues to cave in on these issues needs to be exiled or tried for treason.

The fight Abbas & Co. have with Hamas is basically over who gets control of the money which is and will be pouring in. Arafat made zillions this way. And it is about, of course, which group will be calling the shots--really and figuratively speaking.

So, guess what?

I’m backing a Hamas victory.

No more bull manure.

Let the Arabs fight it out. They had their chance at state building and blew it big time. They chose what the late professor, Richard Cottam (Nationalism In Iran), George Orwell (Notes On Nationalism), and others have called negative nationalism over the more tedious responsibilities of positive nationalism.

Israel got nothing in return for its unilateral withdrawal from Gaza--land used repeatedly to launch warfare and terror against it--except what most of us expected…more terror, but this time launched closer to home. As even the alleged “moderate” Arafatians repeatedly said, any dealings with the Jews would just serve as a Trojan Horse, bringing them one step closer each time in their post-‘67 destruction in stages plans for the Jews.

Given all that has transpired--including the recent resurrected fiasco of the Saudi Peace (of the grave) Initiative and the Mecca Accord which insist on flooding Israel with allegedly “returning” jihadists dedicated to its destruction.--Israel must continue to act unilaterally.

It must draw its lines in the sand in disputed lands in Judea (as in Jew) and Samaria--the “West Bank”--which allow it reasonable defense against its millions of murderous enemies. The days of Israel’s 1949 U.N.-imposed microscopic armistice line existence must be gone forever--as U.N. Security Council Resolution 242 specified in the wake of the Six Day War. Judea and Samaria were non-apportioned areas of the original Palestinian Mandate received by Britain after World War I and were open to settlement by all the Mandate’s inhabitants…not just Arabs--most of whom were settlers themselves who came in from elsewhere.

Absent a true peace partner willing to come up with a real compromise and modus vivendi, Israel must declare that henceforth any aggression from Arab lands will be dealt with the way America’s Colin Powell instructs for America itself…massive retaliation.

A Hamas win in Gaza and perhaps beyond will make this easier for Israel to carry out…no façade of equally murderous, phony Arafatian peace partners to deal with.

But Hamas has been playing Lebanon’s Hizbullah game, learning the latter’s lessons against Israel last summer well.

So, Israel must not be lured once again to fight according to the Arabs’ game plan.

Hamas’ “win” must turn into its own destruction…and as President George W. Bush has said, those who support terrorists will suffer their fate.

When America warred with Germany and Japan, it didn’t worry much about civilians killed along the way during the fire bombings and so forth.

And, unlike the above conflict, the war the Jews have been continuously forced to fight is about the very existence of their sole, tiny, reborn nation. Poll after poll has shown that if Israel withdrew from every inch of disputed territory, most Arabs would still refuse its right to exist.

So, again, cut the manure.

When the Arabs create Hamastan, Israel must deal with it as any other country would which faced an enemy dedicated to its destruction. To do this, it must first hold new elections and get rid of the pusillanimous, inept crew currently running the show. It must elect leaders who will tell Israel’s best friends that what they’re asking is not very friendly. And I’m being nice in describing such behavior this way.

This war is not about Arabs wanting their 22nd state (and second, not first, one in “Palestine“). They could have had that decades ago. Honorable plans were repeatedly offered and turned down by the Arabs themselves over the past century. It’s about the Arabs wanting the destruction of the only state the Jews have…and the conflict has always been about this. Negative nationalism par excellence…

While the inter-Arab conflict plays out in the territories and before the dust settles, Israel must create plans to leave the Arabs gasping for air when the time is ripe…a la June 1967. It must leave them afraid of retaliation because of what the next Israeli response will bring. This can be done. ..Israel must just have the will to act for its survival.

The hypocrites elsewhere will yell and scream about “Nazi” Jews and such.

Israel must ignore them and take the cuts in aid or whatever if need be.

Hamastan will give Israel a chance to face its mortal, genocidal, rejectionist enemies head on with gloves removed.

And it must do it this time in a way which will remove the smirk Arabs have been wearing since Lebanon last year.



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